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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Do not get fooled by SpiceJet sales

SpiceJet is facing severe financial crunch. It has been banned from flying from some airports for not paying the money. SpiceJet has found the easiest way out to raise money – conduct discount sales. Now there is nothing wrong with this. However the intentions of SpiceJet appear to be malafide. Why? Let me tell you.

I was lured by one of such sales by SpiceJet  I made a booking 03/09/2014 for Mumbai to Bagdogra and return. The travel dates were 11/05/2015 and 18/05/2015.  

At that time there was no news in the media that there was no money in SpiceJet's coffers. When the news broke in the media that SpiceJet has been banned from flying I wrote to SpiceJet on  24/12/2014 asking whether my flight was cancelled.

SpiceJet Flights Grounded as Oil Companies Stop Fuel Supply

I did not receive any reply as to whether my flight was cancelled. I had to make hotel bookings. Obviously that could be made only if my flight was confirmed. This time I again wrote to SpiceJet and asked whether my flight has been cancelled. I also earmarked the letter to

Wonder of wonders I received a reply from SpiceJet saying that my revised itinerary was attached.

 I asked them as to whether my flight was cancelled. 

I received a reply stating that my outbound flight was rescheduled and my return flight was cancelled. I was also given 24 hours customer care number to call. 

When I tried calling them I was told that both of those numbers do not exist.

SpiceJet claims to give full refund if the flight is cancelled or rescheduled by more than 90 minutes. 

I tried to claim refund by visiting their website. While I was able to tick the box of the cancelled flight, I was not able to do so for the return flight which was rescheduled by more than 90 minutes.

For the aforesaid reasons I believe that SpiceJet is adopting unethical means to raise money and is not transparent in its dealings. It is indeed unprofessional and unethical on the part of SpiceJet to adverstise and lure the consumers into buying tickets and then not bothering to reply them. Moreover you will never be able to find the tickets at the rate of Rs499 or Rs 599 as advertised. So it is better not to make any booking of SpiceJet. Instead go for IndiGo another Indian carrier which has good balancesheet and is much better governed. 

Just google the words SpiceJet ban and you will come to know the truth of SpiceJet. Don't get fooled by the sales. Other airlines offer similar fares may be just a few hundred more.

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