Thursday, 30 April 2015

Life with Lemon Drops - book review

Life with Lemon Drops is a book of quotations by Radhanath Swami. The book has a quote accompanied by apt pictures on each page. In the words of the author lemon drops convey vitality and vigor representing the essence of holistic well being. A lemon contributes to a variety of tastes and flavours. When squeezed in a glass of water, lemon drops are immunity boosters and detoxify the body; sprinkled on a papaya, they create sweetness; over rice they give it a tangy taste and squeezed over hot milk they curdle it.

So the author says that a simple lemon drop can do many things including transformation of your life. The quotes are spread over variety of topics. The author has tried to squeeze the lemon on all the aspects of life and thereby enrich those aspects.

Some of the quotes from the book which I liked are as follows

To the degree we have influence over others, the same degree we have responsibility towards them.”
Everything we see is reflection of our own consciousness.”
Spirituality is not about negation but transformation.”
and this one is the best
We hear words, God hears intention.”

This small book is a perfect gift for all occasions.

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