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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Cut the crap and feel amazing - Book Review

Feel amazing is the mantra that Ailsa Frank Cut the crap and feel amazing offers. Yes feeling amazing is very important aspect of this book which offers techniques to solve all your problems pertaining to money, health, relationships, parenting, depression etc.

What I liked about the book is that the book doesn't say that simply feel amazing and don't do anything else. Thus while discussing money issues the author stresses the importance of budgeting, living within one's means and cutting down unnecessary expenses. While speaking of relationships she says that we should live with our spouse as if we are friends living together, like room partners. She says we should live with our other family members, the way we co-exist with our neighbours. Respect each other, cut down expectations and co-operate. This aspect of not taking our loved ones for granted is very novel aspect and I liked it.

She offers nice techniques in each chapter. While discussing relationships she says when you are having a problem with any person, have his photograph in front of you. First speak to his photograph and then speak to him in person. No wonders that this technique will reduce the intensity of acrebity and other emotions when you meet that person.

This book is indeed amazing. It comes up with new, interesting solutions. It offers summary at the end of each chapter. It also gives three steps at the end of each chapter and various techniques which will help you to feel amazing. I loved this book. It holds the potential of changing your life for sure. Isn't that a very good reason for buying this book?

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