Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Impact of their kindness

Some incidents have a long lasting impact on your life. These may be serious incidents like death of a near or dear one or at times they are even small incidents which may outwardly appear insignificant. I don’t whether I am lucky or over sensitive but my life is full of such incidents which have had a very deep impact on my life.

Owing to my new job I had relocated to Mumbai. It was almost a month since I was in my new house in Mumbai. My busy schedule did not allow me to know who were my neighbours. The only exception was a cheerful girl named Monica who stayed next door. Monica was studying in first standard. Like any other child of her age she would drop in our house and narrate all the happenings in her house to us. I gathered from my wife that her father was one Mr. Sharma and he was a banker.

Within couple of days my cooking gas cylinder turned empty. I did not have another cylinder with me. The gas agency told me that it would take couple of days for me to receive the refilled cylinder. Having no option left I asked Monica's father Mr. Sharma if he had an extra cylinder. He happily gave me his cylinder.
The next day Monica paid visit to our house which had become a routine for her till then. We too enjoyed the company of such a lovely child. “ Yesterday we had been to restaurant to dine.” She told me bursting with enthusiasm. She further added that she had her favourite dish butter chicken.

What was the occasion for going to restaurant?” I asked her. Those were the days when people went to restaurants only on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, new year eve etc. Little Monica replied innocently, “ There was no occasion. Our gas cylinder got over.” My heart filled with gratitude for Mr. Sharma. He had lent me his gas cylinder, when he too needed it. Giving away when you have ample cannot be termed as kindness. Giving when you too need it, is the act of real kindness.

This incident had a very deep impact on my personality. I realized life is all about giving. I became less self centred. I began to think more of others. I began to help others to the best of my ability. Moreover helping others doesn’t require most of your resources. Sometimes all that the other person needs is little love and understanding. My own experience tells me that even a smile can do wonders to the other person. Even a simple smile expecting nothing in return from the other person, can have a huge impact on its recipient. So smile, be kind, be considerate. It leaves an impact on others even if they may never acknowledge it. 

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