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Sunday 1 March 2015

Everyday Happiness Mantras

Everyday Happiness Mantras is a book based on the column of the author in The Asian Age and Deccan Chronicle. It is a motivational book. It is divided into fifty-two articles for each week of the year.

The author covers varied subjects like interpersonal relationships, money management, environment conservation, child rearing, managing stress, physical and mental fitness etc. The book set like diary also reminds us of various days right from Valentine Day to Buddha Pournima. It tells the significance of these days in brief and gives ideas to celebrate these days in true sense of the term.

The language of the book is simple to understand. However it is preachy in tone. It may serve good as a moral science book in schools. It speaks about good virtues which are worth inculcating. But the writing style is banal and fails to hook an adult reader. The book, may be because it is based on the newspaper columns of the author, appears patchy and incoherent. The book resembles those 101 essays kind of books which we would buy in our school days and mug up to write essays in the examinations.

The book is neither a master piece nor an extraordinary book. But still you can read it. May be somewhere a line may strike a chord with you and your life will be changed for the good. Isn't that a good reason to buy the book?

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