Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Together is a simple word. But in real life it is often difficult to be together. The constraints are many job commitments, no time for others, respecting each other's space, no meeting of minds. But still you require someone to share your joy and reduce your unhappiness. I am indeed fortunate to have such people around me.

The best people to be around are friends. They do not have expectations from you nor do you expect anything from them. As a result the relationship remains in its purest form, unspoiled. I have a school friend. The school got over and we went to different colleges and enrolled for different courses. Those were the days when there were no mobile phones. Needless to say we lost touch. I was burdened with my studies. Soon our college got over. I was busy in making my mark in the profession which was all ready crowded. He too had to look after his father's business.

One day we met after fifteen years through a common friend. As happens always we promised to keep in touch. However we indeed kept in touch with each other. I was away from my home town and would visit it only occasionally. His business required him to stay in his office late in the evening. But still he would come to meet me in the late evenings. We would go for a drive. Sometimes we would catch up a late night movie or have dinner together.

Both of us lost our fathers soon thereafter. Both of us were the eldest sons and hence both of us grew mature together. Many a times our long drives would turn philosophical. We would discuss death and God. He would share his business tensions which he could share with his family and I would share my thoughts. Those rare meetings energized both of us. He did not gift me anything nor did I remembered his birthdays. But still both of us looked forward to my visit to my home town.

We shared as to what it feels to lose a father. We shared our sorrow and grief. We could not speak a word about it in our homes. As we had to put up a brave face and shoulder the family responsibilities. This sharing was cathartic for us. Had we not been with each other, we would have definitely buried our pains deep into our hearts. The pain would have resurfaced in the form of some disease or psychological disorder. Most importantly we got the feeling that we were not alone. All of us wait to hear rather want assurance that we are not alone. The assurance has to be genuine. It need not be articulated into words. It is quietly communicated in a genuine relationship, isn't it?


  1. Happy friendship day, Mahesh. Such friendships are timeless and beyond wheels of time

    1. Thank you Vishal for liking the post. Yes my friends are the most valuable assets of my life. Happy friendship day to you as well.