Friday, 5 February 2016

Impact of conquering fears

Fear and its impact. Everyone of us has some or the other fear, don’t we. Some of us fear heights. Some of us fear water. Some of us fear enclosed spaces. Some of us are afraid of living alone in the home. Some of us are afraid of sight of blood. Some of us are afraid of crawling creatures and some of us are afraid of driving. Fear has many fold impact on us. It reduces our confidence. It makes the heart beat faster. It makes the blood pressure go up. Fear has been installed in the human system for our protection. Fight or flight were the two responses which were necessary for the cave man to survive in the wild world.

But we civilized citizens have carried that fear into our hearts and now we fear everything. Now the aforesaid fears are wrong. They have an adverse effect on our lives and persona. So we must over come them. How should we?

Do the things which fear the most. If you are afraid of water, learn swimming. I know initially it will be difficult, very difficult. But stepping into the waters is the only remedy to let go off the fear. You should be in water. But don’t be alone. Have some expert coach with you. He will make sure you will not drown.

The impact of you learning to swim, will be the disappearance of the fear. If you are afraid of the stage, if you have stage fright, don’t leave any opportunity to step on the stage. Don’t worry about what you are going to say or what others will feel. Jut go to the stage and speak something. The quality of your speech doesn’t matter at all. As you frequent the stage and speak (no matter how rubbish) in front of the people, you will realise its impact – you will have conquered your stage fright.

So my dear friends the impact of confronting the fears (some real and some imaginary) which we have is that the fear vanishes. Now this is a great impact, isn’t it? Yes of course, I can hear you say. So get out of your comfort zones. Try something new. Try something which you have never tried in your life, may be because of fear of the situations like in the case of fears of water and heights, or fear of what other will say. The impact on your personality will be greater confidence, greater happiness and greater liveliness. It doesn’t only impact how you feel. Research show that as you try new things, conquer your fear, your mind becomes more creative. Also your senses become more refined. Now who wouldn’t like to have that kind of impact. 
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