Thursday, 18 February 2016

Impact of perseverance

Everybody wants to make it big in life. So I kept on wondering as to how could I make it big? I strived hard to make it big. I wanted to become great instantly. But experience taught me that all big things start small. Rome was not built in a day. Small acts, collage to make the bigger picture. So the small acts, small achievements and of course small efforts that go into it can not be ignored. Such is their impact.

They say that a journey of thousand miles begins with the first foot step. So you can not undermine its importance. Such is its impact.

Today I can type at a very fast speed. My friends and colleagues are envious of my tremendous typing speed. But did I gain it in a given single day. Of course not. My typing skills can not be attributed to any magic wand or sorcery. For many months together I kept on hitting the key board. Typing tutor software was my only guide. I still remember the first day I started typing, my fingers pained. Moreover it was a very boring job, typing asdf ;lkj. How boring. I was typing the letters which made no sense, at least superficially. But it was these letters which were going to help me to make my words. When I learned to type the basic alphabets, I gradually progressed to typing words and then sentences.

Though it was boring and tasking physically and mentally, I kept on practicing typing as and when I got time. My efforts, my perseverance paid. Soon my typing skills increased. Such was the impact of constant and never ending efforts. So every little act has a deep impact upon you and your personality. Even if no one is watching you, even if no one is appreciating you, keep on doing the things which you are doing. They will have a long term positive impact on your personality and life.

Running – I was never good at running. I never came last in a race, but when I ran other made fun of me, so that kept me away from the running tracks for a very long time. Then one day I read the positive impact which running has on a human health. I being a health conscious person decided to take up running, though there were many apprehensions in my mind.

I began running in the courtyard of my house. It offered me hardly a hundred metres space to run. But I would run there to and fro. Initially I would be tired after a single bout of run. But I did not give up. I would run for a while, when tired I would walk. I kept on practicing.

Such was the impact of my practice that in a few months I became good at running. So I have learnt from my experience that perseverance has a deep impact on your life and success. 
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