Thursday, 18 February 2016

Impact of friendship

Gujarat tourism advertisements were bombarded upon me through the media. Yet I never thought of visiting Gujarat. There was no any reason in particular for not visiting Gujarat. But for an unknown reason I did not find it appealing. Little did I know that Gujarat was going to leave a deep impact upon me. My friend lives in Gujarat. One day I received a call from him. He said he was feeling very low and was contemplating committing suicide.

That call shook me from inside. I told him “Don't worry. I am coming there.” Had it been any other incident my words “I will come would have sounded empty. But today it was the question of birth and death. I packed my bags. My brain was simply not working. I filled my bag with whatever I could lay my hands upon. I boarded the bus for Ahmedabad. I was mentally praying that my friend should be alright. I was in touch with him over the phone. I kept on telling him that I was on the way and I would reach Ahmedabad soon.

I reached Ahmedabad. When I called my friend he told me that he was coming to receive me at the bus stand. That relieved me. He came on his bike. He was giggling. I wondered if the sorrow had made him go mad.

He got down from his bike and hugged me tightly. “Don't worry. Now that I have come, everything will be alright.” I told him. “Now that you have come I am very happy.” He said.

Why were you contemplating committing suicide?” I asked him. “Me and suicide? Never.” He said. He told me that it was lie to call me to Gujarat. I roared in anger. But hugged him even tightly.

This incident has had a deep impact upon me. No matter, how much money, how many gazettes we have, nothing can substitute company of friends. Money can not buy friendship. Friends are who matter. They are selfless. They love you and even long for you as well.

Their company has a deep positive impact upon you. Hence it is important to keep in touch with your friends. For the next few days we visited some of the tourist attractions of Gujarat. We visited Lothhal, Sabarmati, Adalaj and Baroda. This trip gave me an opportunity to give a new lease of life to our friendship. It made us realize that we valued each other. Indeed Gujarat was vibrant, with its colours, food and even with love in the hearts of its residents. Now the residents included my friend as well. This incident has left a deep impact upon me. I thank my friend and I thank Gujarat for the same. 
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