Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact of meeting that orator

I always wanted to become a public speaker. But I was damn scared to speak in front of the public. I did not understand how could I become a good public speaker. That was when an illustrious author came to our college. He was not just a good author but a great orator too. The entire audience was mesmerized by his speech. Such was the impact of his speech that I can remember his words even today.

I was unable to sleep for a few days after listening to his speech. When I would lay in my bed his form would come in front of my eyes and his words would ring in my hears. I wondered if I could become as effective orator as him.

No matter what I did the orator’s face was always there in front of my eyes. Finally I decided to meet him. I went to the principal and asked for the address of the author. The principal asked me as to why I wished to meet him. I told him that I wanted his advice as to how to become a good orator. Sensing my genuineness, my principal share the number of the author. He did not stop at that. He called the author and got an appointment from the author. I was on cloud eleven.

I went to the author’s house. It was sprawling bungalow located in the posh locality of the city. I rang the door bell. The author personally opened the door and invited me inside the house. He insisted that I should eat some snacks and have some tea. I told him that I was not hungry as I had my breakfast couple of minutes ago. Yet he insisted that I should eat something. The love and concern in his voice was palpable. I ate a few morsels.
Sir you are a great orator. We were mesmerized by your speech.” I told him. He just smiled. “Sir I too want to become an orator like you. But I am damn scared of speaking in front of so many people. Have you felt the same way?” I asked him.
He smiled and said, “Son, I have been giving talks for the past twenty-five years. Still I feel that fear.” I was astonished to listen that like me he too was afraid of speaking in front of hundreds of people

Sir than what do you to eliminate this fear?” I asked.
I work hard. I prepare my speeches well. I verify the information. I rehearse in front of the mirror. I work very hard. That reduces the fear. So don’t fear the fear.” He told me.

I returned home happily. I was very content with the answer which I got. That answer had a very deep impact upon me. I followed every word which the author told me. I worked hard. I verified the information. I rehearsed in front of the mirror.

The impact of that incident made me work hard. The impact of the hard work was that I too became a famous orator. 
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