Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact of the dog

I go for a walk every morning. The morning breeze fills me with a new energy. There is positivity in the morning air. I never skip my morning walk. I would meet a dog every morning. It was a mongrel. It always barked at me. Soon it became its habit to bark on seeing me. I too formed a habit. Can you guess what was that habit.

That habit was to ignore his bark. This habit was a direct impact of the dog. I never shooed the dog away, I never pelted stones at it. I never kicked it. Yet he barked at me. What could I do except ignoring his barking? This incident had a very deep impact upon me.

That day I had a visitor. He was my relative. I offered him tea and some snacks. After gormandizing on the snacks, he expressed a desire to see my house. I showed him around my house. “Government provides you with all the facilities. Yet you government employees do not work.” He said.

Now this gentleman had never been to my office to see how much I work. He sat in my house. He ate my food and yet cursed me. I could have retaliated but that was when I remembered the dog in the park. I simply ignored that relative. This response was a direct impact of the dog. Also the impact of my response was that I remained calm and quiet. I couldn’t bark back. After all I was not a dog.

World is replete with these kind of people, who will be more than ready to pick up a fight with you, for no fault of yours. We fight with them, in an attempt to explain them that their perception is wrong. But they are not willing to take any explanation. They just want to fight. They just want to bark. How to deal with these people? What should we do?
From the impact of the barking dog incident, I can tell you that you should simply ignore them. If possible be good to them. They will taken aback by your goodness. They gave you negativity and you returned with kindness. They may not acknowledge it. But they will never forget that their negative behaviour was met with positivity.

Some of them are kind enough to acknowledge it too. One day my colleague got angry at me. He accused me of not keeping a book in its place. I told him that I had never touched the book. Yet he began hurling abuses at me.

The impact of the dog incident had made me wise. I simply kept quiet and ignored him. After some time he found that the book was taken by another colleague. He came to my table and apologized me for his harsh behaviour.
How did you keep mum, even when I was abusing you?” He asked.
It is the impact of the dog who barks at me every morning.” I replied. 
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