Sunday, 21 February 2016

Impact of positive thinking

The human mind affects the human body. Now it is scientifically proved that the thoughts affect our body. So what is the remedy. The remedy is to think positively. Positive thinking has a great impact upon the human beings, their thoughts and their lives.

The child is late from the school. The first thought that comes to the mother is that is my child well. Is anything wrong with her? Has she met an accident? Has someone kidnapped her? The chain of negative thoughts continues. What if she affirms that the child is well. May be she has stopped in her school for some extra classes or gone to a friends place. The panic is not created by the child returning late. Panic is created by the negative thoughts. So my dear friends inculcate positive thoughts. They have a very deep impact upon you.

Let me share an incident from my life. I was in college then. I was doing very well in the co-curricular and extra- curricular activities. I was representing my university at the inter-university competitions. I was not only participating in them. But I was also winning them. Everybody was praising me. I was creating history by winning so many awards. I too was very happy with my performance. I was young. I was getting all the adulation. Which young man will not like this adulation?

But my studies took a back seat. I had scored distinction in the previous year. I had topped the university. The pressure was building. This time I was not even sure of passing. What could I do? I had hardly studied. I had spent all my time in the co-curricular and extra- curricular activities.

Finally I decided not to appear for the examinations. I shared this with my mother. She was damn against my decision. She asked me to go and write my exams.
But I have not studied.” I told her.
It does not matter. Go and write whatever you know.” She said.
But I will fail. You will not like your son failing, will you?”
I will not like my son running away from the Warfield like a coward.” Her voice was sharp. My mother thought illiterate possessed so many good qualities. She coaxed me into writing my exams. Reluctantly I wrote my exams. I cursed my mother for forcing me to write the exams.

Now that I had written the exams, I was damn scared of the results. I thought I would fail. The topper of the previous year was going to be the failure of this year. I shared my anxieties with my mother. “Don’t worry you will pass.” She said.

Soon the results were out I had indeed passed. When I asked my mother how did she know that I will pass she said that it was the impact of positive thinking.
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