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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Blooming Flower

So new year is just around the corner. I am very eager to step in the new year 2014. The very feeling of having a new year around is lifting my spirits. It is making me feel optimistic. Rather I am feeling excited. It has brought a new hope for me. There are many things which I want to do. I am very excited with regard to my new work. I am very happy. I am exhilarated. I can smell the fragrance which the new year is carrying with it.

Ironically I am the one who believes that time and space exist only in imagination. But then too like a pregnant woman who loves  her child even before it is born, I am loving you my new year even before your arrival.

Though there is no any connection between the two, the new year has also brought a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude towards everyone - my family, my friends, my teachers and many other wonderful souls from whom I have imbibed something or the other. I am grateful to existence as well. For  it provided me with an opportunity to develop my self, a chance to blossom. There are many who also have the potential. However, the same is never ignited by a strange force, which some choose to call destiny. The seed is always there, but it is never sprouted for want of conducive atmosphere. I thank the existence for providing me with an opportunity to bloom. The changing atmosphere was not always pleasant. But then too I adapted to it and my soul flourished and transformed into a beautiful, sweet smelling flower, which also gives happiness to the onlookers and which enjoys looking towards the new sun on the horizon. Thanks to you all and wishing you a very very happy new year.