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Thursday, 29 June 2017

23 1/2 ways to Make a Girl Fall for You - Book Review

The blurb of 23 ½ Ways to Make a Girl Fall For You self confesses that it is the most incorrect piece of work ever written. It gives a disclaimer that very little of the information in the book will be useful for the male, obviously whose hormones are surging and whose brain is undoubtedly dysfunctional to make a woman woo.

If so is the case why should one read the book? For Cyrus Broacha of course. Read this book only, and only if you are a huge fan of Cyrus Broacha.

In this book Broacha plays the role of an agony aunt addressing queries of Indian men. Needless to say that both the queries and their answers segue into a graph which moves between being silly and idiotic. You may enjoy a page or two but thereafter you wont find anything funny. Of course Mr. Broacha has a huge fan following and may be his fans may enjoy this work of his.