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Saturday, 30 April 2022


 Alia is a normal person now. She too decided to bundle up all her mystical powers into a packet and throw it in the sea.

‘I don’t need it any longer,’ she said.

Somi said she had deliberately sacrificed all her magical powers so that she could lead a normal life with me.

‘It is a huge sacrifice. It takes practice and penance of many lives to get those magical powers. It is not so easy to give it up all.’ Somi said.

For sometime I was ridden with guilt. I felt I was responsible for stripping off all the magical powers of Alia.

Reading my mind, Somi said, ‘It is not like that. Everything has its pros and cons. There are benefits of being a demi god and there are its drawbacks too. Similarly, human form too comes with certain privileges.’

That consoled my mind and l looked at the two women in my life with great admiration. I was happy in my own zonule.

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Friday, 29 April 2022



Slowly, I got accustomed to my new life. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought. It wasn’t easy either. I feel everyone should decide the things that he wants to focus upon. Once your focus is clear, you certainly find a way. My focus was leading a happy and peaceful life with Somi and Alia. I  succeeded in it.

‘Have you found your purpose in life?’ Guruji asked me.

‘I am yet to find a specific purpose. I have been struggling all along to know why I was born. What role the universe expects me to play? What is the purpose of my life? But I am yet to find answers to these questions.’ I said and then there was a brief pause. Guruji sported a benign smile, something which I had fallen for. There was so much of serenity in the way he looked at the world.

‘But… ,’ I said. ‘I have decided that I will live every moment of my life with joy.’ I said.

‘That is what the purpose of your life is. Call the search for your purpose a yesterday now.’ He said. 

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Thursday, 28 April 2022



Living with two women, one of whom was a demi god and the other occult practitioner was easier than I thought. It was just like any other normal family.  

‘You didn’t want to have a child, but with Alia around, I don’t know why, but our family is complete.’ Somi said.

I fumbled. Sensing the expression on my face, she further said, ‘I know it sounds strange, but every life is unique. There cannot be a universal formula, which can be applied to all. We all are different, so are our families.’  

‘But what would the world say?’ I asked.

‘What would the world say? This question has troubled many people since ages and has spoilt many lives. Why do we give so much importance to what others say? Why does the impression that others carry matters so much to us? That too those people whom we have met just for a few hours, minutes and at times seconds. Why do we give so much control of our life in their hands?’

‘But whether what we are doing is right?’

‘Who is to decide what is right and wrong? We the people involved in the matter or outsiders who know only the half-truth.’

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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Wondering, waiting and ...


We reached home.  I was so exhausted that no sooner had I reached my house, I threw myself on the bed and slept like a log of wood. The next morning when I woke up, I was having a throbbing headache. I got out of the bed and walked towards the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. There was no one in the house. I wondered where Somi and Alia had gone. With the coffee mug in my hand I walked to the balcony. It was dark outside. I looked at the wall clock. It showed two in the midnight. I slumped into the bamboo chair and continued sipping my coffee. The whole town was sleeping except me. Then  I remembered the events of the previous day. I kept the mug aside and held my head.

Then I consciously resolved that I should not focus on those incidents. I brushed aside those thoughts, picked the coffee mug and hummed a song. Humming in the dead silence of the night is an experience which is both spooky and soothing. I felt better. I kept the mug aside and stood up. I stretched my hands up in the air and stood on my toes.

‘How are you feeling now?’ Somi was standing behind me.

I  brought my hands down and turned towards her.

‘I thought I was alone in the house.’

‘You can say that you are the only person who wasn’t sleeping.’

‘But now even you are awake.’

‘Yes, I heard the sound of pots and pans from the kitchen and woke up.’

‘Shall I make some coffee for you?’ I asked.

‘I don’t have anything up to 8 am.’ She said.

‘Oh! Intermittent fasting.’

‘Everyone should fast. Fast is not just about food. Staying away from negative emotions, thoughts and memories is a fast as well.’ Somi spoke like a philosopher.

‘Was that meant for me?’ I asked.

‘That was for everyone.’ She smiled and said. 

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