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Monday, 15 June 2020

Hats & Hoots and Humiliation - Book Review

Hats & Hoods and Humiliation is an interesting book written by a child prodigy named Hiranya Verma. My first reaction after reading the book was impossible, a ten year old child cannot write such a book that offers a plethora of practical insights into dealing with daily problems.

Given the age of the author, the book concentrates on the issues faced by young children and even adolescents. The book offers practical advice on how to handle bullies, crushes and heart breaks.  The ten years old author is a highly matured person. She says, ‘Someone wants to ruin your day, but don’t let them. Simply laugh. But don’t bottle up your feelings either. Remember, the balance between your emotions.’ She offers relationship advice too.  She offers solutions to most of the problems. She reaffirms that your joy is not dependent on what others feel about you. At the same time she emphasizes the importance of apology and confession.

I have been living on this planet for thirty-six years, and obviously, I am senior to the author by many decades. Yet, let me candidly admit that I have learnt a lot from this child author.

The book is extremely well written. It is edited professionally and has an attractive layout. Buy this book, it will cost you less than a coffee, but enrich you by many bounds.

Alex - book review

Alex by Simon Prathap is a thriller. It sits comfortably on the shelves of thrillers as well as horror genres.

The protagonist Alex gets a series of dreams where he is asked to murder one of his family members. While his friends try to help him, a child with super natural powers creates problems for him.

What I liked about the book is its intriguing plot. What needs improvement is editing. There are numerous typos in the book. With another round of editing, the book will be a page turner for sure.

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Realization during Lockdown

What an irony it is that work is always valued, but household work is not only grossly undervalued, but even looked down upon. Fortunately, I was not the one who underestimated the household work. I have lived alone for a considerable period of time and have done all the chores by myself. Yet, it is equally true that post marriage, most of the household work was taken up by my wife. While I would be watching TV, she would be frying fresh batch of pakodas for me in the kitchen. While I would be surfing the net, she would be feeding the baby. Occasionally, I would help her out. But doesn’t the word occasionally say it all.

This lockdown changed the things for good. I was at home all the time. For the first time I saw all the effort that my wife undertook for the house. No selfish motives, no salary, no promotions, yet she continued to do the dread, uninteresting work every day and night. For all those men who ask their wives, what do you do the whole day, I ask them to give their wife a day’s off and do all the work by themselves.

Secondly, the house-help had stopped coming. The gym was closed. One fine day sitting with the calories counter in my hand, I calculated the calories burnt in doing all the household chores. They were far more than those which I would burn lifting the weights or running on the treadmill. ‘I will do the laundry and cook the dinner’, I said. ‘Thanks, but I will do it myself.’ She said. But I did not stop to listen to her. I was already picking clothes from the laundry bag.

As I did those manual chores suddenly my heart was filled with joy. Yes, I was providing the family with finances. But the joy of contributing to the family with physical labour is something which cannot be described in words. At the same time, I must also admit that the initial joy soon faded out, and the work became a routine, monotonous and boring activity. My wife was doing this for all these years. My heart was filled with gratitude and tears welled up in my eyes.  I committed to myself that I would continue doing these two tasks even after the lockdown was lifted. I promised myself that I would make it a lifelong task.

P.S. I don’t have a washing machine, so I manually wash the clothes. If I win this contest, I will wash in the machine.

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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Editing Bootcamp - Book Review

Editing Bootcamp by Dola Basu Singh  is a book of great help for newbie authors. The book explains the various types of editing – developmental editing, line editing, copy editing and proof reading.

Though the book is titled Editing Bootcamp the book deals with various stages of creative writing. It explains the common structure formats of creative writing. The book also explains the various point of views from which a book can be written. The book also gives insights on crafting of characters and plot. Setting, conflict and dialogues also find explanation in the book.

If you are a new writer, I am sure this book is a must have for you. The book is simple and error free. Honestly speaking I was looking for errors. Afterall this is a must for a book on editing. But I couldn’t found a single error. That speaks volumes about the book.