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Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Editing Bootcamp - Book Review

Editing Bootcamp by Dola Basu Singh  is a book of great help for newbie authors. The book explains the various types of editing – developmental editing, line editing, copy editing and proof reading.

Though the book is titled Editing Bootcamp the book deals with various stages of creative writing. It explains the common structure formats of creative writing. The book also explains the various point of views from which a book can be written. The book also gives insights on crafting of characters and plot. Setting, conflict and dialogues also find explanation in the book.

If you are a new writer, I am sure this book is a must have for you. The book is simple and error free. Honestly speaking I was looking for errors. Afterall this is a must for a book on editing. But I couldn’t found a single error. That speaks volumes about the book.

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