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Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Sameness in a Consistent Change - Book Review

The Sameness in a Consistent ChangeThe Sameness in a Consistent Change by Sujay Malik
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Sameness in a Consistent Change is a book by Sujay Malik. I had read the earlier book of the author which was a collection of short stories. The number of pages, the name of the book gives a general impression that this too is a collection of short stories. But actually it is a single story.

This is the story of a young chap Ramanuj who sees his father die for want of resources. At the same time Pallavi, the daughter of a politician's secretary, gets proper treatment at the cost of Ramanuj's father. The story deals with their emotions, their feelings and their regrets.

The writing is good, but the wafer thin storyline could have been developed into a more interesting story. Nevertheless, this is one time read for sure.

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Thursday, 7 February 2019

Peshwa II - Book Review

Ram Sivasankaran's first installment of Peshwa held tremendous promise. The second installment 

was awaited for Mastani was to arrive in it. I must say that Peshwa II doesn't disappoint for sure.

Ram does an excellent job of weaving parallels which go well with the main track. The writing is clean and tidy. The length could have been curtailed a bit. Yet no complaints. Writing a book of this grandeur is no child's play. Mastani comes across as a woman with a spine and not a courtesan.

 The book gives you the satisfaction of reading both a historical thriller and romance. The book is highly recommended.  

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Nine - Book Review

Emperor Ashoka has left his secrets with a coterie on nine who have passed them on from one generation to another. Those esoteric secrets are closely guarded by a small group even today. Sweta Samota dexterously weaves the magical world of Nine. Ila is the Robert Langdon of this mystery novel where codes are to be deciphered for the powerful. There are sudden disappearances of the scientists and Ila is wanted by the Intelligence too. The plot is nothing new, yet the book is a page turner. It is sumptuous thriller for sure. And then there is a love story too. The writing is sharp. You feel for the characters and can't simply wait to know what happens next. But there are multiple layers and numerous characters both from the past and the present that add to the richness of the narrative. The narrative is fast paced which is a must for any thriller. Sweta brings out myriad emotions amidst this otherwise mystery novel. She needs to be congratulated for brilliantly marrying romance to mystery. If you enjoy thrillers go for it. You wont repent reading this one.