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Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Murder at the Kolkota Lanes - Book Review


If you are fan of murder mysteries like me, you will definitely like Asimava Roy Chaudhary’s Murder at the Kolkota Lanes.


Nita Saha ASP of Lake view police station is assigned the investigation of murder of business tycoon Arjun Mishra. As the investigation unfolds, a series of murders surface.

Nita has a hard time, reaching the culprits. There are several tense moments in the novel, where a chill runs down your spine. This I believe is the success of the author.


The book contains all the ingredients of a block-buster thriller. Nita’s back story is also interesting. All the characters in the novel are shaped very well. The backdrop of Kolkota makes the book scenic. I really loved meandering through the lanes of Kolkota. It certainly gives another dimension to the book.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Buy this book. You will certainly not regret buying it.