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Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Stories of Us - Book Review

Bobby Sachdeva’s Stories of Us is a collection of stories that are overtly ordinary, but are embedded with deep, underlying thoughts. The stories are weaved around our day to day settings. The characters are easy to relate. At many junctures, you feel this is exactly the way I had thought when I came across such a situation. This is the success of the author. The protagonists of the stories are from various walks of life. That helps us understand different perspectives and enriches us.

Bobby choses to refrain from jargons and uses a simple but lucid language in his stories. This makes reading easy for children and for those who shy away from books for lack of vocabulary. There is a cinematic touch in his narration. You can see things, hear sounds and of course feel the emotions.

All the stories are thought provoking. They will make you think, question and ponder, a rare streak in recent writings.

This book is highly entertaining as well as thought provoking. A must read for all age groups. 

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Your Story Your World Flags of Asia - Book Review

Remembering flags of the various countries is a challenge to every child. Your Story Your World Flags of Asia, is one such rare books which will help to remember the countries, their flags and their characteristics. Author Neha Jain Kale devices memory chains through stories, which will help the children, remember the flags with their colours and designs.

Your Story Your World is a concept book. It fills the void which has been missing for a long time. It uses the memory chain techniques to help your child remember the countries and their flags. The memory chains are simple. They use mental imagery, create symbolic characters. The stories are written to represent a country. Obviously, they will stay back in memory. The stories are creative, easy to comprehend and are entertaining. There are characters and situations in the stories which the children will find interesting. They will be drawn to it. Though I am an adult, I really enjoyed the stories. What is impressive is that they weave images in your mind which are difficult to forget. The result you remember the flag with all the details. The book is full of interesting nuggets. I found the book amusing.

Children are inquisitive by nature. As adults it is our solemn duty not only satiate that curiosity but also help the child to develop himself. Books like this one, will surely go a long way in shaping your child. If you have a young child at home. This is the book you should must have. The author has clearly revealed that the other parts of the series are soon to follow. I am eagerly waiting for the next part of the book.

About the author
Neha Jain Kale, a former journalist, is an avid story-collector as well as teller. She brings with her a great passion for storytelling and a decade of professional writing experience. She likes to create an unbelievable world through her characters. She uses her mental imagery to turn forgettable information into something that’s much more likely to stick in her child’s mind. Her imagination knows no bounds when she meets new people. She often likes to pull elements from classic tales and invent tales of her own. Her storytelling sessions are thoroughly enjoyed by her children and she can’t wait to share her stories with children alike.

Monday, 21 October 2019

Stem Cell Banking - Book Review

Stem Cell Banking : All You Should Know AboutStem Cell Banking : All You Should Know About by MITCH SHAH
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In recent years anxious parents have been paying hefty packages for stem cell preservation. But what is stem cell banking? Are there are risks involved in it? Is it really important? There are so many questions for which a lay person has no answers.

In his book Stem Cell Banking, Mitch Shah has attempted to answer these questions. Given the dearth of books on this topic, I congratulate him for writing a book on this topic.

The language is simple and easy to understand. The author simplifies the complex medical concepts. This is a short book and every expecting parent should read it before taking the stem cell banking route.

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Thursday, 10 October 2019

More Unfairy Tales - Book Review

More Unfairy Tales (Carthick's Unfairy Tales Book 2)More Unfairy Tales by T.F. Carthick
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had absolutely loved Carthick's Unfairy Tales. So when I came across second installment of fairy tales retelling by him named More Unfairy Tales, I simply lapped it.

In this book Carthick choses to retell five all time classics - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Beauty and the Beast, Red Riding Hood Rapunzel, The Shoemaker and the elves.

Having chosen the classics which are permanently etched in our minds, Carthick gives them his personal touch and renarrates them – this time from the point of view of the antagonist. Fairy tales are always about victory of the good over the evil. But the evil too has its own perspective, its own philosophy. This makes the book damn interesting.

The writing is lucid. The language is sharp as razor and filled with wit. Every story keeps you hooked to the end, makes you think, rather rethink and that I think is the success of the author.

Such books are rarely written by Indian authors. Though we have retold the epics Mahabharata and Ramayana umpteen times, we have not touched the fairy tales. Hence, I feel that this book is to be embraced with hands wide open. This book is highly recommended. It will make you laugh, cry and think. Isn't it a good reason to buy the book.

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Friday, 13 September 2019

Lights! Scalpel! Romance! - Book Review

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What drew me to Lights! Scalpel! Romance! was its attractive cover. The book didn't disappoint either. This is the story of Dr. Nipun and Dr. Nistha. They have joined the Nirog Hospital. They are pursuing their Master of Surgery course under the guidance of Dr. Ujwal who is considered God of surgery.

Hospitals have serious atmosphere. That is how we have seen them in books, films and real life. But in Lights! Scalpel! Romance! the author makes us wear comic lenses and the hospital incidents come out to be humorous. This is the USP of the book.

The book is extremely well written. It makes you laugh. The characters are so well written that you feel for them. This is the success of the writing prowess of the author. Read this one. It will definitely bring a smile on your face in today's trite world.

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Thursday, 12 September 2019

Shhh! Don't Talk About Mental Health : Why Being Quiet is No Longer an Option - Book Review

Shhh! Don't Talk About Mental HealthShhh! Don't Talk About Mental Health by Arjun Gupta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In India there is stigma around mental illness. That is why book like Shhh! Don't Talk About Mental Health : Why Being Quiet is No Longer an Option must be given a warm welcome.

The book is written from the perspective of Yashasvi who is depressed and about to end his life. The book is not just his story. It is a primer on mental health issues, the mental health service providers. It also deals with the role of the government and the society on this issue.

The book hooks you right from the first page and you will not stop reading until you have finished reading the entire book. The language is simple and lucid. I really liked the way the author has discussed complex topics relating to mental health in simple, easy to understand language. The book is a well researched work and every human should read it. Mental health issues are on the rise. Reading this book will help you discern the same at the right time. This book is the need of the hour.

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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Who Killed Liberal Islam - Book Review

Who Killed Liberal Islam?Who Killed Liberal Islam? by Hasan Suroor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There is a misconception that you can't be a liberal and a Muslim at the same time. The book Who Killed Liberal Islam by Hasan Surror takes this question head-on. In doing so it examines the Islam practised in India and abroad. It discusses the causes of decline of liberal Islam in India.

The following lines from the book will serve as eye openers.
'Sharia is the biggest obstacle to change,' according to historian S. Irfan Habib. This despite the fact that the Quran is only one of its four sources along with Qiyas (human reasoning), Ijma (consensus) and Sunnah (sayings of the Prophet), most of which were written some 200 years after the Prophet's death and many having no authenticity. A number of practices justified in the name of Sharia, have no Quranic sanctions.

Today when the patriotism of every Indian Muslim is put to test, the following observations of the author are timely.
It is often forgotten or wilfully overlooked that a majority of Muslims chose to stay back in India in a massive thumbs-down to the idea of a Muslim homeland. We are the inheritors of their values. Faced with a choice between an exclusionist Muslim nationalism on one hand, and inclusive secularism on the other, they had no doubt what was the right thing to do.

The author says that India has a long history of liberal Muslim reformers who were also deeply religious and often used religion to sell their reforms. He cites the examples of Sir Syed Ahmed, Zakir Husain and Abul Kalam Azad.

This is a book of great scholarly work. It is a well researched commentary replete with real life examples. Every person should read this book for this book is a small attempt to bring peace in today's strained world.

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Monday, 9 September 2019

Dark Destiny - Book Review

Dark Destiny is the debut novel of Kamal Kant, and in spite of being a first timer I must say that he has done a great job.

This is a thriller and hooks you to the story within the first few pages of the book. You are eager to know what happens next. There are ample twists and turns to leave thriller fans satiated. The characters are well etched. The narrative swings between present and past.

The premise used by the author is fresh. This is the story of a man Aditya whose American dream has utterly failed. He has had a heart break and one fine day he is arrested for treason, murder and drug trafficking. This is something I have never read before. Hence, I liked this book even more.

Overall, Dark Destiny emerges as a winner on all counts. Go for it. You wont be disappointed.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Chiranjivi The Begining Book Review

CHIRANJIVI, The BeginningCHIRANJIVI, The Beginning by Vasant Kallola
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chiranjivi The Beginning is the latest novel by Vasant Kallola. This is indeed a wonderful work of fiction. The story is set in the aftermath of war of Mahabharata. Chiranjivi picks up the threads of the story a thousand years after the war. This is the story of Govind, a common man who saves the world from destruction when a mighty sage owes to annihilate it.

What I really liked about the book is that the author paints vivid pictures with his words. You feel like you are watching a movie. This is indeed success of the author. The language is simple. The plot is intriguing with many twists and turns. The author has hinted that a sequel to this book is soon to follow. I am eagerly waiting for it. Chiranjivi is certainly a book not to be missed.

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Who Wants to Marry a Mamma's Boy and other stories - Book Review

Who Wants to Marry a Mamma's Boy and other stories is a collection of short stories by Manjula Pal. It strings together the emotional journeys of a diverse set of women at different stages in life.

The writing is simple and most of the stories have happy endings. Ask any married person and they will agree that at a certain point they felt that they have made the wrong choice. What if they could turn the clock behind and marry the person whom they loved. The story Love is Also a Compromise deals with such a situation and has a fairy tale ending. This is undoubtedly the best story in the collection.

I also liked When Krishna Came to My House. You feel happy when the well off family adopts a street child. But the story has a tragic end, which I really didn't like.

This collection of short stories takes you on a journey of volatile emotions. It is certainly worth a read. 

Slave Technology - Book Review

Slave Technology by Biju PR deals with the burning topic – the evil effects of social media.

The book is divided into eleven sections. The first one deals with bragging on the internet. The Rise of Digital Ghettos tells how women are vulnerable in the digital space too. It tells how posts by women receive more likes and comments compared to those which men receive. The third and fourth chapters deal with gossip and hate campaign over the internet. Sexism and Narcissim over the internet are discussed in chapter six and seven. The rest of the chapters deal with relationships, scam artists, love and censorship.

Thus the book discusses all the evils which the social media has let out of its bag. However the book doesn't offer a single solution as to how to reduce the use of social media and this is its largest drawback. If you are interested in reading a book only about the bad effects of the internet, you may like the book, but you are looking for practical solutions it will turn out to be a huge disappointment. 

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Driftwood - Book Review

Driftwood – Stories Washed Ashore is a collection of short stories penned by Beestok Chatterjee. The author is a ship's captain by profession and has been more than forty years at sea. What is unique about this collection of stories is that they are about ships, seafarers and of course the sea. The author says that there are no modern sea stories and he has written this collection to fill that void.

I really liked the story Sapphire Blue which is a psychological thriller. The Piano man is another wonderful story from the book and highlights how appearances are deceptive. The language is lucid and simple and the stories are adroitly weaved. There is an element of surprise, a twist in every story and that makes the stories even more interesting. These stories are not only about sea, they are about humans and all the emotions – love, hate, jealousy and longing.

The writer says that his purpose of writing the book is to give the readers a glimpse of sea life. He wants the readers to feel what it is like to be at sea, to empathise with the trials and tribulations of a seaman. I feel that the author has succeeded in achieving this goal for he transported me into a completely new world, which was new to me. These stories are a ticket to voyage at the sea and help you live the life of seafarers vicariously. Seldom does one come across a collection as unique as this one. Read this book, you will repent not reading it.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

The Speaking Stone - Book Review

The Speaking StoneThe Speaking Stone by Ratnadip Acharya
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ratnadip Acharya's The Speaking Stone is a riveting read. This is story of Saikat and Suhasini. Both of them are hundreds of kilometers apart. Yet both appear to be on the mission to decipher the secrets of the past that are embedded in stones.

The novel is a romantic thriller. The author should be lauded for the romance part doesn't hinder the fast paced narrative which is an integral part of any thriller. The characters are well etched. They pull you easily into their magical world. Two stories separated by ages run parallel and it is the success of author that he mends these two parts adroitly.

The language used in the book is lucid yet easy to comprehend. The book has ample twists and turns which will satiate the reading lust of every thriller fan. This is a must read book. Not to be missed for sure.

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Friday, 26 July 2019

Marrying Happiness - Book Review

Never question the tough times instead look for the ways to overcome them through your efforts.

The book Marrying Happiness opens with such a beautiful quote. The very first quote in the book rejuvenates the soul tired from everyday din. The book holds a promise from the first page itself and keeps it up with the following content. This is commendable.

I really liked the following quotes from the book.
If you lose a bit initially to win big later, that's not a loss. Similarly, tough times are a pre indicator of big wins ahead.
Life is very unforgiving for any pain that we cause to others. In a way we harm ourselves by harming others.
Everybody's life is balanced mix of good and bad times. The only thing we need to realize is that all of us don't get good and bad times together.

There comes a situation in life where we get struck in whirlpool of emotions. We feel hopeless and see no ray of hope. The author tells us how to deal with such situations in the following words.
Don't stay stuck in turmoil forever. Instead strive continuously to turn around your situation. No situation can be bigger than your resolve.
Another quote says,
If you have fallen down, don't despair. Once you get up, nobody would even remember that you were down once, unless you keep reminding it to yourself. 
This book is a treasure house of wisdom. I really admire the way the author has precisely summarized the wisdom of life. They say a wise man is one who learns from other's experiences. This book is not just a book. It is a training to lead a good, successful life. Everyone should read this book not once but many times.

The Very Best Quotes of Arun Malik - Book Review

What can words do? In response to the said question I would ask what word's cannot do? Words can lift the spirits of a battered soul, they can instill a new lease of life in the withered body and it can sharpen the intellect with no limits. I realized the power of words when I read The Very Best Quotes of Arun Malik.

I really liked the following quote from the book.
You don’t live a day to make a living but you make a living to live a day.
Speaking of perseverance the author says
Always give people a second chance to prove themselves, for world’s greatest folks, almost all of them failed massively in their first attempts.
Being novice at something means it is your first time at trying. It doesn’t mean that you have any less courage or talent than those who are considered experts.

We all receive set backs in life. We don't know what to do in such situations. The following quote will offer solution in such cases.
When down in the dumps, it takes a herculean effort to take the first step which is all, how you overcome your mental block. Rest of the journey the natural forces of the universe guide you. So in all you have to take just one step, the support for rest of the journey comes from unknown sources.

We repent many things in life. But the past cannot be mended. The following quote says the same.
If you delving too much in the past, you are letting opportunities in the present pass by you.

In today's materialistic age such quotes, such subtle arrangement of words and the rich and profound meaning implanted in them are rarity. I congratulate the author for penning such a wonderful collection which will motivate many generations to come.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Courting Happiness - Book Review

Arun Malik has a way with words. He knows how to use them aptly to rekindle dormant dreams, to clean all the cobwebs that din of the daily life creates and to give that much needed little push when you are about to give up.

Courting Happiness is another collection of magical quotes by him. The author precisely knows how to summarize the wisdom of life into tiny capsules. Here are some of my favourite quotes from the book.

I don’t have any regrets about my past as I am making a future very different from it.

Why waste efforts on bringing other people down. If you pull yourself up, then they will be down to you anyways.

The following quote illustrates if you constantly hanker for approval from others you will never be happy.
You can’t have a huge number of people liking you without a few hating you as well.

Speaking of gifts the author says, If you want to thank someone. Just lift their spirits by positive words. It will have much long lasting effect as compared to your gifts.

The author's words will ignite the passion in you, enlarge your dreams and even realize them. I feel every person should read this book daily. The book is highly recommended.

Winning Over Life - Book Review

I have read many motivational books. But Winning Over Life stands out not only for its simplicity but also the profound impact which it had on me.

No one can deny that we get affected by what others are doing. The author offers a solution to such situations in the following words
You can’t achieve peace of mind if you keep wondering about what others do. Composure comes from what you have done.

If only I had not done that mistake, we say most of the times. But the author has a different take when he says
Don’t worry about making mistakes while growing up. If you don’t do it now, then you will do it when you are grown up which shall prove to be expensive.

Losing and winning are part of the game. You can't always be a winner. Nor can you be a loser all the time. This is what the author says in the following words.
Losing and winning are complementary. Abundance of one leads to another.

Arun Malik is a man of wisdom. The book is replete with such great quotes. The author motivates us with words which instill courage to fly high in the sky. At the same time his words also impart knowledge to keep us grounded. If we pick one quote from the book each day and mull over it, our life is bound to change for the good. Isn't it a good reason to read the book.

Unfolding dreams - book review

Some books are to be skimmed, some read and those few which contain words of wisdom have to be engraved permanently on our hearts. Unfolding dreams is one of such few books.

'Don't be afraid of your fears. Most of them don't have any basis. But they hinder your growth and progress.' Says the author in one of his quotes.

'Great men stay balanced even when they are going downhill in life. They know eventually they will get back to the summit.' is another quote which I have liked from the book.

We all have our share of joys and sorrows in life. But unfortunately it is those bad experiences, sad moments that cling to us. Telling us how to deal with such situations, the author says, 'Forget the bad experiences with people and try remembering only the good ones. It will lighten the load on your mind. Hence rest of the journey will seem much easier.'

The author gives a word of caution in the following quote, 'Corporate smiles and handshakes are directly proportional to pay package one gets. The fatness of the package determines the wideness and firmness of the handshake.'

The writing is simple and refreshing. Such words with deep meaning are sure to have a deep impact on the minds. The words in the book are not mere, mundane words. They are the essence of living which the author has distilled through years of experience and learning. The book has an attractive layout that enhances the reading experiences. Colourful borders and attractive fonts make the book beautiful. This book is certainly worth reading.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

You can Make it Big - Book Review

Words are not just cluster of alphabets. If used rightly they hold tremendous powers to transform lives. Arun Malik's You can Make it Big puts this power of words to maximum use, of course for the good.

I liked the following quotes from the book
Always pursue achievements which are important for you instead of those which you think are important for the world. Chances are,once you achieve them, they will become
important for world too.

Keep your self-confidence intact despite failures. Failures are temporary, but if selfconfidence is permanent then success will eventually come to you.

No one can suppress talent for long. The world has a good tradition of recognizing talent in whatever form it comes.

Writing such lines which carry the gist of life is not a child's play. I congratulate the author for taking up such a Herculean task and succeeding in it. This book is a result of hard work and experience. All of us should benefit from the author's insights about life. If you are a student, I am sure even if you read just one page daily from the book your career will scale to new heights. This book holds such a tremendous power. Isn't that a good reason to read the book.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Inviting Abundance - Book Review

'It is really difficult to decipher the spirit of life into sentences, especially quotations,' says Arun Malik, author of Inviting Abundance. After reading the book I can say that he has certainly succeeded in discerning the true nature of life. This is a book of quotes which will serve as affirmations to invite abundance in your life.

I really liked the following quotes from the book.
Your chances of success multiply if you try new ways of doing things.

Giving up is very easy but then, easier things give lesser returns.

Why shouldn’t I look forward to remaining years of my life? I have just started enjoying now.

Why cry over lost opportunities? You can invite as many as you want now.

With every loss you are reducing your chances of failing it again in the future. Isn’t it taking you closer to success eventually?

Some books are to be just read, some are to pondered over and assimilated into our lives. This book falls into the second category. The language is simple. A small quote can do what hundreds of books can't. After reading the book you will feel reinvigorated. You will be inspired to start your efforts afresh and reach your goals. Isn't it a good reason to buy the book.

Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Reflections - Book Review

The Reflections is not just a collection of quotes. It is a powerhouse of motivation, wisdom and insight.

The book is divided into four sections - Appreciating others, Words and Language, Grooming Young minds and Parenting, and General Quotes. I simply loved the followed quotes from the book.
A child when seeking your attention as a parent simply wants appreciation.

We humans have an innate hunger for being appreciated. Those who satiate this hunger always stay back in our good memories

Appreciation has the power to turn underdogs into super performers if done consistently over a period of time.

Many people lose track of their lives as there is lack of appreciation in their immediate environment. So, appreciation is vital in realizing our true potential.

Before you expect appreciation from others, you should take pride in your achievements. Only this way, appreciation received will reinforce your belief.

Words should always be chosen based on the audience’s background and the overall context.
Don’t speak for few minutes when you are angry. You may be simply venting your anger but someone’s life may take turn for the worse due to your words.

If one generation works hard and becomes learned and educated, the next generation’s learning grows manifold.

Love your children despite all their imperfections as they belong to you. You will find that slowly all their imperfections become less significant to their perfections.

However, I have some reservations about a few quotes like the following
Never hesitate to object people from using harsh words, however big they may be in position relative to you. You will be doing your own good and won’t let people trample you with their feet.

I am impressed with the book. This book is the best gift that you can give to your loved ones.

Monday, 15 July 2019

The Legends of a Start Up Guy - Book Review

We all hear the rags to riches stories of entrepreneurs. We secretly hanker to become part of such inspirational tales. But while it sounds very easy to the ears, one is baffled where to start with. To end our confusion, Prachi Garg has come up with her new book The Legends of a Startup Guy.

The book explains all the phases in the life of an entrepreneur from the scratch. So even if you are not knowing anything about entrepreneurship, the book will hold your hand and guide you through the entire journey which otherwise may be arduous.

What I liked about the book is the way it incorporates deities like Ganesh, Laxmi and Parvati into the narrative. It not only makes the book interesting but also easy to understand. 
Yes there are few chapters which drag and the book could have been better. Yet given the dearth of business books written by Indian authors, The Legends of a Startup Guy must be welcomed.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Silver Hair Sins - Book Review

Saumick Pal's novel Silver Hair Sins is India's first visual fiction, which means more than half of the novel is narrated by photographs. That by itself is an experiment, isn't it?Silver Hair Sins is an intriguing title. What could that mean, one wonders. But as you reach the climax of the novel, you realize how justified it is.

I have read many science fictions but this one certainly stands apart. We have seen the conflict between Artificial Intelligence and humanity. But we have never read or seen any science fiction where Artificial Intelligence comes to the rescue of humanity. Silver Hair Sins is set in the future. Human beings are fighting with one another, bringing their very existence into peril. Artificial Intelligence comes to their rescue. This is an interesting premise.

The language of the author is lucid. He keeps you glued to your seats by weaving an interesting tale. The photographs justify the story and carry it forward. This is a must read book. Don't miss it.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Skin deep - Book Review

Skin DeepSkin Deep by Ajay Monga
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ajay Monga's Skin Deep is a nice, entertaining read. It is the story of the women who are the face of the glamour world, and the men who exploit them and run the show business. The story begins with a beauty pageant. While the reader gets an impression that this story is about the contest the result of which will be declared at the climax, we get to know who wins the crown petty soon.

This is story of four friends too. Like all friends they fight and make up. Most importantly they stand together for a cause. The book contains some beautiful lines like
You use the latest iPhone to be with the times, but what about changing your outdated mentality? The latest technology suits your needs, so you parade it around like an emblem of your modernity. But where it really matters – like giving freedom to your daughters or treating them equally – you behave like a cave man. Your kind exists in all communities, riding the horse of orthodoxy to trample on women and instil fear in their minds. You will commit atrocious acts just to make sure patriarchy prevails, not only today but forever.

The book has some mistakes to. For example the following line on page 11.
He had to dies so he died.

Yet the book is a decent read. This story is different from those which we have seen in Madhur Bhandarkar's movies, which are penned by the same author. Hence, this book has to be on your book shelves.

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Friday, 5 July 2019

Free Bird Part 13

Read the previous part here
There are some people, some situations which scare the ghost out of the most courageous persons. Most of the times these are matters of the heart. That day Sneha casually ambled to receive the phone. Most of the times it was her father who received the calls on the landline. Sneha had pestered him to get a mobile phone. But his logic was that since he hardly ventured out of the house, the landline served his purpose. It was he who attended all the calls on the landline. But as luck would have it Sneha was passing through the drawing room when the phone rang and she picked the phone.

'Hello.' The caller said. There were butterflies in Sneha's stomach and her legs felt jittery on hearing his voice. Catching hold of the armrest of the sofa she slumped into it.
'Sneha, I know it is you.' The caller said.
'I will call Papa.' She said not knowing what to say.
'No, I want to speak to you. Read the feature on you. Congratulations, you have come a long way.' Raj said.
'I thought... you had forgotten me.'
'I may forget to breath Sneha, but I can never forget you.' He said.
Sneha felt a strange sensation course through her body. She wanted to ask him to fl doywn to India from Australia to meet her. She wanted to share her joys with him. She wanted to tell him how much she had missed her. She wanted to fight with him and ask him as to why he hadn't bothered to keep in touch with her. In spite of her greivances now she was content that he cared for her. That he was keeping track of her activities and wished to congratulate her.
'How did you come to know about it? She asked, not knowing how to start the conversation after so many years.
'Someone sent me the clipping as an attachment.'
'Who?' She asked.
'Well I have my well placed resources.' He laughed.
'Where were you? Why didn't you call me all these years.'
'Was a little busy.'
Sneha wanted to retort by saying that he had time to wish her father on his birthday but no time to call her. But the next sentence that he uttered made her melt.

'There are so many things which I want to tell you. Will tell you once we meet.' So Raj was eager to meet her. Sneha forgot that he had not kept in touch with her for years. She forgot that when she had called him a few times, he had avoided her. He had expressed his desire to meet her and Sneha had forgiven him once and for all.
'When are you coming?' She asked.
'Very soon, to taste your pickles.' He said.
Gaining a little composure she said, 'I can send a jar to Australia.'
'But I wish to have it from your hands.' He said.

Sneha blushed. That's when her father entered the room. 'Whom are you talking to beta?' He enquired. 'Papa, it's Raj.' Sneha said. Then she told Raj that she had some urgent work to attend and hung up. Later that day Sneha got angry at herself. She had always disapproved those spineless girls who were tongue tied in front of their boyfriends and agreed to all that they said. But today she too had replicated their behaviour. Does love that to a person? Sneha didn't know. She resolved, the next time Raj called her, she would tell him how he had wronged her, how he had played with her emotions and how much heartache he had caused to her.