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Friday, 19 July 2019

Inviting Abundance - Book Review

'It is really difficult to decipher the spirit of life into sentences, especially quotations,' says Arun Malik, author of Inviting Abundance. After reading the book I can say that he has certainly succeeded in discerning the true nature of life. This is a book of quotes which will serve as affirmations to invite abundance in your life.

I really liked the following quotes from the book.
Your chances of success multiply if you try new ways of doing things.

Giving up is very easy but then, easier things give lesser returns.

Why shouldn’t I look forward to remaining years of my life? I have just started enjoying now.

Why cry over lost opportunities? You can invite as many as you want now.

With every loss you are reducing your chances of failing it again in the future. Isn’t it taking you closer to success eventually?

Some books are to be just read, some are to pondered over and assimilated into our lives. This book falls into the second category. The language is simple. A small quote can do what hundreds of books can't. After reading the book you will feel reinvigorated. You will be inspired to start your efforts afresh and reach your goals. Isn't it a good reason to buy the book.

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