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Thursday, 25 July 2019

Unfolding dreams - book review

Some books are to be skimmed, some read and those few which contain words of wisdom have to be engraved permanently on our hearts. Unfolding dreams is one of such few books.

'Don't be afraid of your fears. Most of them don't have any basis. But they hinder your growth and progress.' Says the author in one of his quotes.

'Great men stay balanced even when they are going downhill in life. They know eventually they will get back to the summit.' is another quote which I have liked from the book.

We all have our share of joys and sorrows in life. But unfortunately it is those bad experiences, sad moments that cling to us. Telling us how to deal with such situations, the author says, 'Forget the bad experiences with people and try remembering only the good ones. It will lighten the load on your mind. Hence rest of the journey will seem much easier.'

The author gives a word of caution in the following quote, 'Corporate smiles and handshakes are directly proportional to pay package one gets. The fatness of the package determines the wideness and firmness of the handshake.'

The writing is simple and refreshing. Such words with deep meaning are sure to have a deep impact on the minds. The words in the book are not mere, mundane words. They are the essence of living which the author has distilled through years of experience and learning. The book has an attractive layout that enhances the reading experiences. Colourful borders and attractive fonts make the book beautiful. This book is certainly worth reading.

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