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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Silver Hair Sins - Book Review

Saumick Pal's novel Silver Hair Sins is India's first visual fiction, which means more than half of the novel is narrated by photographs. That by itself is an experiment, isn't it?Silver Hair Sins is an intriguing title. What could that mean, one wonders. But as you reach the climax of the novel, you realize how justified it is.

I have read many science fictions but this one certainly stands apart. We have seen the conflict between Artificial Intelligence and humanity. But we have never read or seen any science fiction where Artificial Intelligence comes to the rescue of humanity. Silver Hair Sins is set in the future. Human beings are fighting with one another, bringing their very existence into peril. Artificial Intelligence comes to their rescue. This is an interesting premise.

The language of the author is lucid. He keeps you glued to your seats by weaving an interesting tale. The photographs justify the story and carry it forward. This is a must read book. Don't miss it.

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