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Friday, 26 July 2019

Marrying Happiness - Book Review

Never question the tough times instead look for the ways to overcome them through your efforts.

The book Marrying Happiness opens with such a beautiful quote. The very first quote in the book rejuvenates the soul tired from everyday din. The book holds a promise from the first page itself and keeps it up with the following content. This is commendable.

I really liked the following quotes from the book.
If you lose a bit initially to win big later, that's not a loss. Similarly, tough times are a pre indicator of big wins ahead.
Life is very unforgiving for any pain that we cause to others. In a way we harm ourselves by harming others.
Everybody's life is balanced mix of good and bad times. The only thing we need to realize is that all of us don't get good and bad times together.

There comes a situation in life where we get struck in whirlpool of emotions. We feel hopeless and see no ray of hope. The author tells us how to deal with such situations in the following words.
Don't stay stuck in turmoil forever. Instead strive continuously to turn around your situation. No situation can be bigger than your resolve.
Another quote says,
If you have fallen down, don't despair. Once you get up, nobody would even remember that you were down once, unless you keep reminding it to yourself. 
This book is a treasure house of wisdom. I really admire the way the author has precisely summarized the wisdom of life. They say a wise man is one who learns from other's experiences. This book is not just a book. It is a training to lead a good, successful life. Everyone should read this book not once but many times.

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