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Saturday, 20 July 2019

You can Make it Big - Book Review

Words are not just cluster of alphabets. If used rightly they hold tremendous powers to transform lives. Arun Malik's You can Make it Big puts this power of words to maximum use, of course for the good.

I liked the following quotes from the book
Always pursue achievements which are important for you instead of those which you think are important for the world. Chances are,once you achieve them, they will become
important for world too.

Keep your self-confidence intact despite failures. Failures are temporary, but if selfconfidence is permanent then success will eventually come to you.

No one can suppress talent for long. The world has a good tradition of recognizing talent in whatever form it comes.

Writing such lines which carry the gist of life is not a child's play. I congratulate the author for taking up such a Herculean task and succeeding in it. This book is a result of hard work and experience. All of us should benefit from the author's insights about life. If you are a student, I am sure even if you read just one page daily from the book your career will scale to new heights. This book holds such a tremendous power. Isn't that a good reason to read the book.

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