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Friday, 26 July 2019

The Very Best Quotes of Arun Malik - Book Review

What can words do? In response to the said question I would ask what word's cannot do? Words can lift the spirits of a battered soul, they can instill a new lease of life in the withered body and it can sharpen the intellect with no limits. I realized the power of words when I read The Very Best Quotes of Arun Malik.

I really liked the following quote from the book.
You don’t live a day to make a living but you make a living to live a day.
Speaking of perseverance the author says
Always give people a second chance to prove themselves, for world’s greatest folks, almost all of them failed massively in their first attempts.
Being novice at something means it is your first time at trying. It doesn’t mean that you have any less courage or talent than those who are considered experts.

We all receive set backs in life. We don't know what to do in such situations. The following quote will offer solution in such cases.
When down in the dumps, it takes a herculean effort to take the first step which is all, how you overcome your mental block. Rest of the journey the natural forces of the universe guide you. So in all you have to take just one step, the support for rest of the journey comes from unknown sources.

We repent many things in life. But the past cannot be mended. The following quote says the same.
If you delving too much in the past, you are letting opportunities in the present pass by you.

In today's materialistic age such quotes, such subtle arrangement of words and the rich and profound meaning implanted in them are rarity. I congratulate the author for penning such a wonderful collection which will motivate many generations to come.

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