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Thursday, 18 July 2019

The Reflections - Book Review

The Reflections is not just a collection of quotes. It is a powerhouse of motivation, wisdom and insight.

The book is divided into four sections - Appreciating others, Words and Language, Grooming Young minds and Parenting, and General Quotes. I simply loved the followed quotes from the book.
A child when seeking your attention as a parent simply wants appreciation.

We humans have an innate hunger for being appreciated. Those who satiate this hunger always stay back in our good memories

Appreciation has the power to turn underdogs into super performers if done consistently over a period of time.

Many people lose track of their lives as there is lack of appreciation in their immediate environment. So, appreciation is vital in realizing our true potential.

Before you expect appreciation from others, you should take pride in your achievements. Only this way, appreciation received will reinforce your belief.

Words should always be chosen based on the audience’s background and the overall context.
Don’t speak for few minutes when you are angry. You may be simply venting your anger but someone’s life may take turn for the worse due to your words.

If one generation works hard and becomes learned and educated, the next generation’s learning grows manifold.

Love your children despite all their imperfections as they belong to you. You will find that slowly all their imperfections become less significant to their perfections.

However, I have some reservations about a few quotes like the following
Never hesitate to object people from using harsh words, however big they may be in position relative to you. You will be doing your own good and won’t let people trample you with their feet.

I am impressed with the book. This book is the best gift that you can give to your loved ones.

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