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Monday, 1 July 2019

Free Bird Part 9

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 A gleam of light entered through the window and illuminated Sneha's room. The room was now nicely lit up. All the cobwebs of yesterday's negativity had faded. Sneha got up from the bed, raised her hands and stretched her body. All the physical and mental weariness was gone now. The morning sun had brought new hopes and new dreams. Sneha was feeling much better now. She went out of her room. 'Good morning.' Her father greeted her.
'Good morning papa,' Sneha reciprocated.
'Ginger tea.' He said as he placed the cup in her hands.

'Thank you papa. I simply can't imagine my life without you.'
Sandip entered the room wearing only shorts. 'And how would be life without me?'
'Mowgli, life without you must be much better. Go inside, come out of your jungle book and wear a shirt.' Sneha reprimanded.
Sandip flexed his biceps for a few seconds and then went into his room.

'Papa I have a made a decision.' Sneha said. Her father didn't reply. 'Papa I said something.' Sneha repeated.
'Yes beta. I am all ears.'
'I don't wish to continue with this job. In fact I don't want to take up any other job.'
'That's nice.' Sneha's father unlike other parents, knew that when his children told him something, they wanted him to just listen and not to bombard them with questions.
'I want to start something of my own.' Sneha said. 'I will start from the garage and will not ask any money from you.'
'So you want become Steve Jobs and start apple from our garage?' Sandip said as he pulled the being coloured Being Human shirt below his stomach.
'I want to start a pickle business.'
'Didi, couldn't you think of anything better business? Pickle business. Just see how bad it sounds. Pickle business. Doesn't it sound like your are into a problem, into a pickle?' Sandip said and when no one responded he laughed at his own joke.

'One shouldn't laugh at other's dreams, particularly when you have a dream but are not serious in your efforts.' Sneha's father retorted.
That enraged Sandip. But he had no defense. What his father had said was true. He stomped his feet and went away.

'You don't take what he said to your heart. You know him very well. Tell me how do you plan to start your enterprise.'
Sneha then pulled out a paper, wrote a few things and started explaining her father the plan she had chalked out. She had a complete plan, right from raw material supply upto the marketing of the product. Yes, it was a rough plan and there were a few missing links. But she had a plan for sure. Her father nodded, occasionally posed some questions and some times offered a different opinion in a low voice, in a very humble manner. Sneha appreciated his point of view. After Sneha had finished, her father asked her again as to when she was planning to start her own business.

'I have to serve the notice period of one month before I start. But please papa...'
'What?' Her father asked.
'Don't tell about this to anyone.'
'I won't. I promise.'

The next few days were very hectic for Sneha. Now matter what she did she would be engrossed in making mental calculations about her business all the time. She had some money in her bank account. She decided to take a small loan from the bank as well. Every day during her lunch time she would visit some or other bank and try to convince them with her business proposal.

The intial responses were anything but positive. Pickle business for some strange reasons raised sniggers. It was not taken seriously. Sneha thought perhaps Sandip was right. Pickle business sounded a little awkward. The next day when she went to another bank, she said that she wanted to start a cottage industry and wanted a loan for the same. This time she was offered a seat by the manager and he patiently heard her presentation. At the end of it he said. 'I can't really promise you anything. But I will certainly give it a thought.' Sneha was happy that this time she was not laughed at.

'Where do you go during the lunch hours Sneha. I have to eat my lunch all by myself. I miss you so much.' Rupa said.
'Had got some work Rupa.' Sneha said with a smile.
'Work or got a new boyfriend?' Rupa winked.
'Will let you know at the right time.' Sneha said, logged into the computer and resumed her work.
'By the way what had you got in your lunch today?' Sneha asked.
'Today I didn't get time to cook the vegetable. So I got chapatis and pickle.' Rupa replied. Sneha smirked at the mention of pickle. She had at least one potential buyer.
'Why are you smiling?' Rupa asked.
'Nothing.' Sneha replied.
'You are behaving strangely Sneha. I am sure you are in love.'
'Yes, I am in love baby. But not with a man.' Sneha said. Then sensing the changed contours of Rupa's face, she clarified. 'In fact I am not in love with any person.' 
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