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Monday, 29 October 2018

Man Is A "Thought": Scientific and Theological Journey To Space Of Thoughts - Book Review

Tarun Deep Singh is a gifted author. Writing a book like Man Is A "Thought": Scientific and Theological Journey To Space Of Thoughts is a herculean task. So many scientific theories, understanding them and co-linking them with theological beliefs, is something that has been never tried. But Tarun Deep Singh does it with a panache. With his simple, lucid language he unravels one theory after another. He tries to find out if thoughts, behaviour and existence can be studied within the realms of science. And for this attempt of his, the author deserves accolades.

The book studies interesting aspects of human and artificial intelligence. It tells us why artificial intelligence can never manage to think like humans do. At the same time he tells us what prevents the human mind from reaching the highest levels of intelligence.
According to the author it is a new beginning for mankind, and it reaches at point where he says:
"Man is an oscillation of an image of thought in Real Time Space."

Man Is A "Thought": Scientific and Theological Journey To Space Of Thoughts is disruptive thinking at its best. Much has been written about this topic by westerners. But with an Indian author at the helm, you get to read writing that is not stereotyped and of course a writing that stems from first hand experiences. If you wish to read something new, something fresh this book is a must read for you.

Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Once Again at the Airport - Book Reviews

As I skimmed through the initial pages of Rishikesh Joshi’s Once Again at the Airport the first emotion that surged through me was of envy. I was jealous. This man got to travel so much in the air that he penned a whole book about it.

Once Again at the Airport is a breezy short read. It is full of anecdotes and true experiences that the author literally had in the air. Rishikesh’s witty observations will leave you in splits. He has a way to discern the light veined humour buried under the din of our mundane lives. So he shows us the potholes in the air.

The book contains nuggets of information for the lesser mortals who don’t get to travel by air as often as that of the author. So we come to know about how flight times have increased in the new millennium instead of getting reduced. We get to know the difference between an itinerary and a ticket. The book offers some practical tips to secure a seat next to the air hostess.

My current mood is to read humour, particular those written by Indian authors. Once Again at the Airport definitely managed to tickle my funny-bone.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Heartfulness Way - Book Review

Daaji alias Kamlesh D. Patel is the fourth and current spiritual guide in the Heartfulness tradition. Joshua Pollock is a heartfulness trainer from United States. The Heartfulness Way is a conversation between these two that elucidates various Heartfulness practices.

Heartfulness meditation consists of four elements—relaxation, meditation, cleaning, and prayer—and illuminates the ancient, defining feature of yogic transmission (or pranahuti), the utilization of divine energy for spiritual growth and transformation. Using the method, detailed practices, tips, and practical philosophy offered in this book, you’ll reach new levels of attainment and learn to live a life more deeply connected to the values of the Heartfulness way—with acceptance, humility, compassion, empathy, and love.

I have practiced Heartfulness meditation and can confidently say that this simple practice works like wonders. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about the book. It is boring, offers nothing new. You can easily skip the book and opt for the real experience of Heartfulness meditation directly.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Tides Don't Cross - Book Review

It is hard to believe that Tides Don't Cross is the debut novel of Simar Malhotra. Right from the first page, she ensures that you are hooked to the story. Without wasting any time, she creates her characters which are true to life and believable. It is the writer's success that you feel with and for the characters. It is because of her writing prowess that this story which offers nothing new is endearing and entertaining.

I really liked lines like 'widow's don't die when their husbands die. Instead, their husbands live through them; they're kept alive through their wives.'

Of all the characters Rukmani comes across as the weakest. Ironically she is supposed to be confident and courageous. But her jumping into the river, makes her fake and artificial. The climax is scrambled up. Yet, Tides Don't Cross is a wonderful reading experience which satiates you.