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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Once Again at the Airport - Book Reviews

As I skimmed through the initial pages of Rishikesh Joshi’s Once Again at the Airport the first emotion that surged through me was of envy. I was jealous. This man got to travel so much in the air that he penned a whole book about it.

Once Again at the Airport is a breezy short read. It is full of anecdotes and true experiences that the author literally had in the air. Rishikesh’s witty observations will leave you in splits. He has a way to discern the light veined humour buried under the din of our mundane lives. So he shows us the potholes in the air.

The book contains nuggets of information for the lesser mortals who don’t get to travel by air as often as that of the author. So we come to know about how flight times have increased in the new millennium instead of getting reduced. We get to know the difference between an itinerary and a ticket. The book offers some practical tips to secure a seat next to the air hostess.

My current mood is to read humour, particular those written by Indian authors. Once Again at the Airport definitely managed to tickle my funny-bone.

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