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Friday, 5 October 2018

Tides Don't Cross - Book Review

It is hard to believe that Tides Don't Cross is the debut novel of Simar Malhotra. Right from the first page, she ensures that you are hooked to the story. Without wasting any time, she creates her characters which are true to life and believable. It is the writer's success that you feel with and for the characters. It is because of her writing prowess that this story which offers nothing new is endearing and entertaining.

I really liked lines like 'widow's don't die when their husbands die. Instead, their husbands live through them; they're kept alive through their wives.'

Of all the characters Rukmani comes across as the weakest. Ironically she is supposed to be confident and courageous. But her jumping into the river, makes her fake and artificial. The climax is scrambled up. Yet, Tides Don't Cross is a wonderful reading experience which satiates you.

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