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Sunday, 8 September 2019

Who Wants to Marry a Mamma's Boy and other stories - Book Review

Who Wants to Marry a Mamma's Boy and other stories is a collection of short stories by Manjula Pal. It strings together the emotional journeys of a diverse set of women at different stages in life.

The writing is simple and most of the stories have happy endings. Ask any married person and they will agree that at a certain point they felt that they have made the wrong choice. What if they could turn the clock behind and marry the person whom they loved. The story Love is Also a Compromise deals with such a situation and has a fairy tale ending. This is undoubtedly the best story in the collection.

I also liked When Krishna Came to My House. You feel happy when the well off family adopts a street child. But the story has a tragic end, which I really didn't like.

This collection of short stories takes you on a journey of volatile emotions. It is certainly worth a read. 

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