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Sunday, 1 December 2019

Your Story Your World Flags of Asia - Book Review

Remembering flags of the various countries is a challenge to every child. Your Story Your World Flags of Asia, is one such rare books which will help to remember the countries, their flags and their characteristics. Author Neha Jain Kale devices memory chains through stories, which will help the children, remember the flags with their colours and designs.

Your Story Your World is a concept book. It fills the void which has been missing for a long time. It uses the memory chain techniques to help your child remember the countries and their flags. The memory chains are simple. They use mental imagery, create symbolic characters. The stories are written to represent a country. Obviously, they will stay back in memory. The stories are creative, easy to comprehend and are entertaining. There are characters and situations in the stories which the children will find interesting. They will be drawn to it. Though I am an adult, I really enjoyed the stories. What is impressive is that they weave images in your mind which are difficult to forget. The result you remember the flag with all the details. The book is full of interesting nuggets. I found the book amusing.

Children are inquisitive by nature. As adults it is our solemn duty not only satiate that curiosity but also help the child to develop himself. Books like this one, will surely go a long way in shaping your child. If you have a young child at home. This is the book you should must have. The author has clearly revealed that the other parts of the series are soon to follow. I am eagerly waiting for the next part of the book.

About the author
Neha Jain Kale, a former journalist, is an avid story-collector as well as teller. She brings with her a great passion for storytelling and a decade of professional writing experience. She likes to create an unbelievable world through her characters. She uses her mental imagery to turn forgettable information into something that’s much more likely to stick in her child’s mind. Her imagination knows no bounds when she meets new people. She often likes to pull elements from classic tales and invent tales of her own. Her storytelling sessions are thoroughly enjoyed by her children and she can’t wait to share her stories with children alike.

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