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Monday, 26 August 2013

My Life and Dil to Pagal Hai

Dil to Pagal hai is the bible of my life. The film has had a great influence on me. I can relate to almost every character in the film. Like Nisha I too loved my best friend, but she never realized it. Rather even though she realized it, she ignored me. She hailed from a rich family. I was always there with her in all her thick and thin. But unfortunately she never realized it. Like Rahul she has never ever remembered my birthday in the past 13 years.  I felt she had only got sympathy and nothing else for me.

            Like Rahul I also did not believe in marriages. However, now my views are changing. I am about to say yes to someone whom I know, but do not love.  She loves me a lot. Like Anjali my friend keeps on warning me not to go ahead with the marriage, as I do not love her. I am ready to marry her only because she loves me and I do not want to hurt her. My friend advises me not to commit the mistake of marrying a person on sympathetic ground.

            It is said that Karisma Kapoor’s role was earlier offered to Juhi Chawla, Kajol and Urmila Matondkar.  However all of them refused the same.  The same happened to me. My school teachers always ridiculed me underestimated me. I had got distinction in my first year of five year law course. Only two students in the university including me had got distinction. One morning our college peon told me that the Principal had summoned me. I thought I was going to get firing as that was the only reason why I was being called in my school. I went into his chamber bit hesitantly, afraid with what future had in stored for me. My Principal was on a look out for students who will argue in the state level moot court competition which my college was hosting. He had offered the same to some of final year students but they had refused the same as they were reluctant (afraid) to perform in the home ground in front of the entire college. My Principal offered me the same.  He clearly told me that he did not expect me to win in the very first year, but thought I would be seasoned by the time I reached my final year. I happily consented. A final year student who happened to be Ex Chief Minister’s grand daughter was to be my team mate. She played lot of dirty politics to ensure that I was not getting the proper guidance.  She exhibited jealous feelings in the same fashion as Nisha did towards Puja.   I decided to quit. My Principal fired me and said whatsoever may be the reason I cannot back out at this stage.  Like Puja I told him I cannot do it. I was in just second year. During the first two years of five year law course only social sciences are taught and the laws begin only from the third year.

I worked very hard, carried out extensive research and rehearsed n number of times before all my teachers including Additional District and Sessions Judge who was a visiting faculty. My team mate refused to rehearse and cunningly copied all my research. Finally the D day had come. We were listed second last. I did not eat anything. It was at about 3p.m. our number was called out. I was tensed, but I argued confidently. I satisfied all the queries put by the panel of judges. After our arguments got over I stepped out of the court room. All my Professors including my Principal and my college mates were staring me like an animal in the zoo.  I wondered what had got wrong. I felt like locking myself in the loo. One of my seniors Abhijeet, a final year student came to me.  He congratulated me. “That was a great performance. Your confidence has increased. All of us are expecting the prize,” said Abhijeet.   Two students from some other team approached me.  “How did you prepare for the competition? One of them asked. “I am a second year student. You are in your final year. How can I guide you?” I replied. “Oh! You are just being humble” he said.

            The valedictory session started. My heart started beating fast. The Chief Guest stood upright holding the results in his one hand and adjusting the mike with another he said, “And the runner up is…… N. S. Law College.” We had won. I had created a history by winning a state level competition for the first time in the forty years history of my college. I clapped loudly and went to the dais, along with my team mate to receive the trophy.  My team mate also got the Best Advocate prize.  After the function I visited my Principal to seek his blessings. “Congratulations!  From day one I knew you are the one who can do it! Keep it up! You lost the best advocate prize only by one mark.” I was very disappointed. My team mate had copied my research and she had won. “It was not in your destiny. She comes from a politician’s family. Let her play her games, you have a bright future,” told one of my lecturers with whom I shared my grief. “This is just the beginning, there is much more to come!,” said Additional District and Sessions judge. However, it pinched me that someone else had won at my expense.

            Like Rahul my Principal was on a look out for someone who will fit the bill and according him I was the perfect choice. Karisma got National Award for her performance and her career rose to new heights. I was nominated as a member in the “Litigation free village Committee” chaired by the Hon’ble District and Sessions Judge.  At eighteen, I was the only member under forty in the said committee.  A car with red beacon used to escort me for the venue. Indeed the moot court competition and Dil to Pagal Hai continue to be very special for me and mark the turning point of my life.
P.S. Lolo your blog and page on facebook makes me repost this only for you. This post was earlier published on my rediff blog which was lost in transit to the new system due to technical problems on rediff's part.

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