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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Work is going to end one day

We learn in schools that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. We quote this sentence in our essays and maiden speeches. But when we grow up, start to work (and earn) we forget everything about it. Work becomes our entire life. We do have family and children. We hardly devote any time towards them. We console ourselves saying that we are slogging for our spouse and children. We burn the midnight oil so that they can enjoy the luxuries of life which only money can buy.

But the truth is as you compromise the family time for your work, you drift away from your family. One fine day the distance between you and your family will become too long to overcome in one life time. Moreover the saddest part will come when you will vocalize your feelings that you were working hard so that your family will enjoy good things of life. The reply you will get is that they never asked you to stay away and earn money for them. They just needed you to be alongside for the most valued moments of their lives.  You were needed for your wife's baby shower, for your child's first open house, when your mother was ill. The list is endless. Your money was always there, but unfortunately you weren't.

Now let us prepare ourselves so that these unhappy situations do not arise in our lives. Firstly start enjoying little things with your family. I know many men and women who like to go for movies, trips and even dinners alone. That makes their spouses and children sulk. It is not the case that they cannot go alone. But they want to enjoy that movie, that picnic, that dinner with you. So carve out time from your busy schedule in order to be with your family when it matters the most.

Don't bring work home. Yes this is better said than done. But a little planning can ensure that you will not bring your work home. Delegate the things which you can to your subordinates. Be the Cinderella who rushes home once the clock strikes the end of office hours and you will be blessed with the family life of your dreams. Even when at home avoid taking up calls relating to work unless it is very urgent. Remember the words very urgent. Otherwise every call will be urgent. Just ponder over a minute if it can wait till next day. If the answer is in the affirmative, wait till the next day.

Remember birthdays of your family members and celebrate them. Decorate the house, cook the meal for your spouse and be with them for at least half of the day. That day will be treasured by your spouse more than any expensive gift that you may offer.

For those who think all about work, work and work alone let me tell you that this game called life is going to come to an end on one day. You will leave this planet and you will leave your work behind. So take out some time to remember your Creator. Meditate. That will make you calmer and give you the insight to enjoy the little joys of life. 

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