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Monday, 24 August 2015

Turn Thy Waste into Gold

Every house generates waste. We have a dustbin at our home and office. We make it a point that no rubbish should lie outside. Everything should go to the dustbin. Be it plastic, leftovers of lunch, twigs of vegetables, broken bottles, plastic everything goes to the same bin.

Segregation of waste is not done in Indian houses. Even if you are educated, holding high posts of power and authority, you don’t segregate wastes. This is posing a great problem. We are making our earth, which is our big house in common, dirty.

Even where waste is being segregated the local body collects it and dumps it into the same truck and the same dumping ground. So you may wonder what’s the use of my segregation.

Yes there are problems, but there are solutions too. First of all let us separate the wastes. The biodegradable should be separated from the other wastes. Plastic, papers should be recycled. Now you may ask where do I recycle it. Just sell them off to the kabadivallah and he will do the needful. How about donating the money you get by selling these wastes to charity?

As regards the wet garbage like flowers, vegetable twigs, fruit peels, left overs of food, tea bags is concerned, we can use them to make compost at our homes. If you have some open space, dig a pit. Put all the wet garbage which you have segregated into it and cover it with mud. Within two to three months you will get excellent manure. You can use this for your garden.

If you are living in the cities and have space crunch, just two earthen pots will solve your problems. Put the garbage into one of the pots and cover it with little mud. Keep it aside for two three months. Until then use the second pot to store the wet garbage. Don’t worry it doesn’t smell foul.

Your little acts of segregating domestic wastes will go a very long way in reducing the garbage on our planet. Already a large part of our planet is full of garbage and in coming years the problem garbage disposal is going to assume great proportions. 
It is our collective duty to contribute in making our planet clean and green. This small act of segregating waste will not cost you anything. It is just a matter of habit. Rather it will pay you, in the form of money which you get by selling your paper and plastic. Also you will get valuable manure absolutely free.

You can also start composting collectively. The biodegradable wastes of the entire building or society can be collected together in a big pit. There are many societies which do so and earn by selling the money generated by the compost.

So dear friends I appeal to you to kindly take a step forward and make your own contribution, not in terms of money, but by segregating your domestic waste.

Compost pit at my home

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