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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Awaken Your Third Eye

Awaken your third eye is a book by Susan Shumsky which promises access to your sixth sense for knowledge, intuition and illumination. In the first part of the book Discovering the third eye, the author discusses references to the third eye in various cultures. He also tells us about the medical discoveries about the third eye particularly the Melatonin.

In the second part the author speaks about the subtle body, third eye chakra and overcoming the psychic blocks. The third part is about developing super senses and siddhis. The fourth part titled opening of the third eye is about affirmations and meditations. In the last part the experiences of third eye are recorded.

I liked the idea of calcification of the third eye, though I doubt if there is any scientific evidence in support. I liked the chakra system explained in the book. Third eye as pineal gland was interesting too. 

But the writing is distorted and confusing. The frequent references to other books by the author are irritating. (For more information read my so and so book) The title of the book looked promising, but the book failed to deliver. The experiences at the end relate to negative incidents as well. Reading them saddened me.

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