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Thursday, 14 December 2017

The Woman who Saw the Future

The Woman who Saw the Future by Amit Sharma is a riveting original story told in a flawless manner. This is the story of Sapna, who gets premonitions about death. All this starts after the accidental death of her brother Vikrant. Initially the family still coping with Vikrant's loss is shaken with Sapna's nightmares. All those who die in Sapna's dreams soon die. She is helpless and in spite of the support of her parents and boyfriend Sahil she is on the verge of depression. Then one day Sapna discovers that she can save people from dying by alerting them. But one premonition changes her life forever. The game soon goes beyond her control and one day she is found buried under a fort wall. She was pregnant at the time of her death. How did she die? Who was the father of her unborn child? To know answers to this questions you have to read the terrific book The Woman who Saw the Future.

The Woman who Saw the Future dexterously weaves reality with fantasy. The author succeeds in bringing to life all the major characters. All characters in the novel are major for the story is narrated in multiple voices. Sapna's middle class parents are ubiquitous. The novel opens with gloomy picture. There are too many deaths and the resultant grief. The novel brightens up when Sapna starts saving people. Then it gains both speed and shape of the thriller.

The Woman who Saw the Future has both a fascinating story and an immaculate treatment. Though there are some mistakes like though it is mentioned that Sapna has an habit of inserting like in every sentence, the same is not reflected in her dialogues. At another place police is referred to as singular. But these errors are too small and considering the amazing world in which the novel sucks you into they are pardonable.

The Woman who Saw the Future is undoubtedly the best book I have read in the year 2017. It is irresistible and simply cannot be missed.

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