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Sunday, 4 November 2018

The Invincible Weapon - Book Review

Sowmya Putta make a dashing debut with The Invincible Weapon. This is the story of Abhi, the prince of Vaishali, who is slogging at the ashram of Gavistha. His hard-work is not only to earn knowledge, but also to win the invincible weapon.

The book gave me a nice feel of reading Harry Potter in an Indian gurukul setting. The book transported me to my childhood. There are ample scenes were every person will be able to see his childhood. This speaks volumes about the writing prowess of Sowmya.

The writing is clean, free of any errors. The story is penned in a simple, lucid language. It sucks into the magical charm of its world and you wish to never come out of it. When we complain that our children don’t read, it is time to ponder whether we provide them with stories in the Indian setting, stories which they can relate to. Sowmya’s book fills this void. It is for this reason that The Invincible Weapon is highly recommended.

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