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Wednesday, 21 November 2018

What is an Indian

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‘Ghalib it is just a good though to pamper oneself.’ Quotes Tarundeep Singh in his new book What is an Indian, while referring to independence. Are we really independent, is what he wants to ask. Indians and Americans he says are only concerned with race and financial status. But owing to the caste, religion, linguistic and many other diversities he says the Indian is more confused than the American. He says despite all the feminism, an Indian woman is still not accorded equality of status and opportunity which she deserves.

Tarundeep quotes many famous personalities from Vivekananda to Hitler. And then offers his crisp take on the situation. This style makes the book which otherwise would have been a boring work, crisp and page turner. Every citizen of the country wants his nation to excel in all spheres of activity. This makes the book relatable. The author critically analyzes all the problems the nation is facing. The book will surely motivate you to strive hard in your profession in order to make India number one. Here it is worth mentioning the inspiration behind the book. It was Tarundeep’s friend in the army who said, ‘We don’t want every Indian in defence as of now. Just take the economy to next level. We will do the rest.’ This sums it all. What is an Indian is a must read for all Indians.

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