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Wednesday, 12 February 2020

When the Soul Heals - book review

Tension, worries, anxiety, depression – unfortunately these maladies have entered the modern lives which we live today. How wonderful it would be, if we get rid of this toxic emotions. With Pulkit Sharma's When the Soul Heals we have in our hands a book that not only offers a hope but also some pragmatic wisdom.

The author refers to numerous real life case studies. You can easily relate to these people and their problems. They appear to be mirror images of our own lives.

The author describes the symptoms, causes and treatment of psychological disorders. What I liked about the book is that he offers a holistic approach to these disorders. So we have insights from ten religions across the world. Honestly speaking I didn't even know that those many religions exist.

The author himself is a clinical psychologist and counseller. Needless to say he brings loads of wisdom on this topic with his writing. There is so much of ignorance when it comes to mental health in India. Against this backdrop When the Soul Heals deserves a huge welcome.

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