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Saturday, 18 July 2020

Learn film making at the cost of a pizza

Deep down everyone hankers to make a movie someday. But many of us have neither the resources nor the time to invest in a film making course. For all those people whose dream of making a film has remained unfulfilled for the aforesaid reasons, there is some good news. Shamiana has brought its film making courses to your home.

Now you can learn filmmaking sitting at your home. No fancy equipments are required and you can shoot your film on your mobile phone at your home. The fees of the course are nominal and anyone can afford it.

The course began on zoom sessions. I was apprehensive. I knew nothing about making films, leave apart making one on the mobile phone. But once the session began all my apprehensions were put to rest. The trainers were extremely friendly. They introduced us to various concepts of film making in an easy and understandable manner. We were free to ask as many questions as we wanted. Even if the question was a basic question, it was answered with utmost sincerity.
A screenshot of the session 
We were shown various equipments used for film making. At the same time it was no selling. We were told that the equipments were not necessary and one can make films with just a smart phone, which all of us have.

We were introduced to various video and editing apps. We were told about the importance of sound. We learnt three scenes which can save a movie. It was emphasized that though technicalities are important, the performance of the artists is important too. If you pay too much attention to technique, the performance may be compromised somewhere.

I am thoroughly satisfied with the course and I am eagerly looking forward for the next session. To book your seat click here


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