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Friday, 14 March 2014

Birthday Gift

I will turn 26 on this 20th and I have got the present of life time.  I have learned, after whining and crying for almost 26 years, not to react emotionally. But I do not repent learning this lesson after almost 26 years, for the reason that many people do not learn it during one life time. I feel fortunate to have learned it at quite a young age.  I guess everybody has to go through the bumpy road of life; the only difference is the time at which you meet the ups and downs. Some encounter the ups first and then the downs and vice versa.  The situation at hand remains static, unhindered even if we have sleepless nights and the ocean of our tears eventually dries up. The question “why me?” doesn’t really have any answer. The karmic philosophy attempts to answer the above question. But I am not really convinced with it. Life has offered me a unique gift – rather it is a lesson well learned – to be proactive and balanced in all situations. The emotional dilemma has occurred to many great people including the great warrior prince Arjuna and He has manifested Himself to offer the solutions to come out of the dilemma. The nomenclature may have changed from “Shrimat Bhagawat Gita” to “Emotional Quotient” and “Emotional Maturity”, but the problem persists.  I am glad that I now retain my peace of mind (which I feel is the greatest human need) and the worldly affairs like “what he said to me” and “why he behaved like that”, do not affect me and even if they do, their effect wards off in a day or two.

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