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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Uncommon People Abundant Smiles 1

Today I am remembering the funniest incidents of my life. One relates to Anu. Her name was Anuradha Hawaldar. But every one addressed her as Anu. She used to come to my mother to learn conversational English. She had completed her B.Com and was pursuing her M.Com. Plastic carry bags were an integral part of her personality. Whether she went for shopping vegetables or she came for her English tuitions, whether she went for a marriage or to offer her condolences on the death of an acquaintance, big plastic carry bags given by the clothes shops were always clinged to her bosom. Anu was a guileless simpleton and hence was a butt of joke among her friends, who unlike her were pursuing MBA and  thus suffering from resultant superiority complex.
Once Anu went to the vegetables market. While she was busy looking for fresh farm vegetables she stepped into a basket of tomatoes, thereby crushing them like that at the  Tomatano festival.  The vendor lady held her leg tightly while it was still into the basket and she refused to let it go until she was compensated for the loss suffered by her.
On another occasion when she had been to the same market, one cow was also roaming in the market in a lookout for unguarded veggies so that she could gormandize on the gift of the farm until the vendor noticed it and shooed her away with a stick. Though there was no any bad blood between Anu and the cow, the cow tried to attack her, with the chief weapon in her armour – her horns.  Anu did not deter. She grasped the horns of the cow with both her hands, the way a driver maneuvers the steering wheel. Anu succeed and the cow had to change her course.
Anu had very high expectations when it came to her marriage. She wanted a very rich husband, one who would not have any parents or siblings. Only orphans suited the bill. However, there are very few orphans in the world who are multimillionaires.  Anu forgot that even she had two brothers who did not have a great fortune and also had an unmarried daughter. Everybody tried to convince Anu to bring down her bar of expectations. But she was a hard nut to crack. Anu crossed her thirties but was still unmarried.
Last heard, she is very happy. She has found a man who fulfilled both her expectations of full bank-balance and devoid of any chords and is in matrimonial bliss. Every person, however insignificant has a special place in your heart and he or she peeks out after many years for no any apparent reason, like Anu did in my musings today morning. 

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