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Sunday, 24 August 2014

House redone in an ethnic / royal style

I have always dreamed of living in a palace. Yes, heritage hotels do offer that luxury. But it is for a limited time. So I decided to redo my house in an ethnic style. I wanted to give little touches which will give me the regal feeling of living in a palace. Thanks to, which came to my help. It is one stop shop for household products. It helps in making the transition from house to home. In my case it was from my home to my palace. Palace is all about living a comfortable, luxurious life. Live life king-size, isn’t it? So let us go to my bedroom or Khwabgah which literally means room to dream.
Little India Jaipuri Lady Bani Thani Wooden Jharokha
Would a palace be complete without a Jharokha, offering glimpse of all the happenings to the royalty? This elegantly crafted wooden frame, with its beautiful carvings and etchings, as well as the photo poster of the  traditional Rajasthani lady popularly known as Bani-Thani it carries, will instantly turn walls of my spartan home into a palace. Little things make a huge difference you see. Whenever, my eyes will fall upon this wall hanging adorning my wall, I will be reminded of my regal lineage.
Silver Indian Traditional Lamp
Lighting plays an important role in the look of the room. The silver lamp looks like a traditional lamp, but is actually an electric lamp. All the splendor of that splendid bygone era and all the comfort of modernity is embodied in it. In the night my bedroom will bathe with its soothing dim light, like a marble palace does on a full moon day. In case, I require more light, its covered top can be removed. Isn’t that amazing?
Me Sleep Red Monument Digitally Printed Cushion Cover
Raja Ravi Verma and his masterpieces are a treasure for art lovers. I have the luxury of having Raja Ravi Verma’s muse Saguna on my cushion cover. The cherry on the cake is that she is accompanied by a magnificent historic edifice. Thanks to for turning my ordinary, mundane life into that of a member of a royal family. 

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