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Sunday, 29 November 2015

For soft skin of your baby

There are many tips which are handed over in India from one generation to another to ensure that the baby’s skin remains soft. Though no any scientific research was ever conducted with regard to these tips, even allopathic doctors tell from their own experience that these tips indeed work. Let us enumerate a few tips to keep the skin of the baby soft. .
1. Nuts
The mother should have nuts while she is pregnant. She should continue to eat it even after the child birth. Even the child should be given the protein rich nuts. But wait, before thusting that cashew nut into your baby’s mouth listen how to administer it. Take a nut on a clean platform or chopping board. Put a spoon water on it. Rub the nut on this water for five times and feed the water to the baby. Your baby will get all the goodness of the nuts and have a glowing skin.
2. Use mosquito nets
The skin of the baby is tender. Even a small mosquito bite can cause rashes on the baby’s skin. So protect your baby from mosquito and other insects. Install mosquito nets, use mosquito repellents .Though mosquito repellent creams claim to be safe for the skin of the baby, I would suggest you not to use the same and rely on mosquito nets.
3. Besan
Besan is excellent cleanser. It is gentle too. Bathing your baby with besan will make its skin soft. But be careful. Don’t rub it on your baby’s skin too much. Also ensure that the besan residues do not remember on the baby’s skin. They usually remain under arms and on the rear side of the knees and also at the thigh joints. That may cause allergies and infections. Ensure that the besan is washed off completely. Tip of the day mix besan in milk and your baby’s skin will be soft like a petal.
4. Aloe vera
Aloevera is a magic remedy for the skin of the baby. Cut any aloevera leaf. Cut it again so that the yellow liquid will be discarded. The yellow liquid which comes out when aloevera is cut is dangerous for the skin. But the white gel inside the leaves is a magic remedy for the beautiful skin. Apply the gel to the skin of your baby and it will have a glowing skin.
5. Haldi
Haldi has antiseptic properties. So after bath apply haldi to the skin of your baby just like talcum powder. Your baby will have a healthy, blemish free skin.

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