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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Keep your baby's skin safe

Soft skin like a baby has become a metaphor to refer any soft skin. But what makes a baby’s skin so soft is a question to ponder over. Let us enumerate a few things which make a baby’s skin so soft
1. Mother’s diet.
Yes mother’s diet, when the child is in womb, affects everything including the skin of the baby. A mother should have a healthy, nutritious diet to make the baby’s skin soft. You should drink milk, eat fruits when you are pregnant. My mother-in-law swears by panchamrut to make the baby’s skin soft. Panchamrut is made of five elements – sugar, ghee, honey, milk and curd mixed together. So mix it up and your baby will have a soft skin.
2. Oil massage
Oil massage is a must for every child. You don’t require any special oil for the same. Ordinary coconut oil will do. Just warm it up and give your baby massage daily, without fail. Your baby’s skin will become soft like feather. Oil massage will not only make the skin of the baby soft but also increase the immunity power of the baby.
3. Mother’s milk
Mother’s milk is the divine nectar sent by the god. It is important to feed the baby frequently and for at least a year for baby’s all round development. Needless to say that mother’s milk is a magic tonic for the baby’s skin too.
4. Soft cotton clothes
Baby’s skin is delicate. So use only cotton clothes for the baby. Your grannies will tell you that you should never wear new clothes to a baby, even if they are made of cotton. Use used clothes. Borrow it from your friends and relatives, who had a baby few months before you. I know this advice would be hard to follow for few people. There is a way out. Wash the new clothes with good detergent and dry it. Repeat the procedure thrice and you can use it for your baby. I am sure such seasoned clothes will help your baby to have a beautiful cream.
5. Sun light.
Sun light is a boon for all the humans, baby included. So daily early in the morning expose your baby to the tender sunlight. Let the baby sunlight kiss your baby’s entire body every morning. The sunlight is a gift from the God for the humanity. It will enrich the baby with vitamin E and it will reflect in the baby’s skin.

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