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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Sugar free Sprouted Raagi Laddus

Ingredients : Raagi 4 cups, two ripe bananas, ghee two spoons, one spoon Sugar Free Natura
1. Soak the raagi for 24 hours. Then sprout it.
2. Dry the sprouted raagi in sunlight. Once completely dry grind it. Sift the raagi floor.
3. Heat the ghee in a pan. Add the floor and saute it until it smells pleasant. Let the mixture cool
4. Once cool add a few drops of Sugar Free Natura and smashed bananas. Mix it well.
5. Roll laddus. Let it set in the refrigerator for some time.
Your Sugar free Sprouted Raagi Laddus are ready. These Laddus are highly nutritious. They taste like chocolate and are loved by the young and  old alike.

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