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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Break Free - Book Review

Most of the problems of the world are either due to wrong communication or lack of communication. So proper communication is very important, be it at work or home. V. Rajesh’s Break free is a book which will help you become a better communicator, in the words of the author  a Virtuoso communicator.

The author incorporates many examples to make his point. He draws stories from Mahabharata as well from his real life with equal ease. The stories help us to understand the point. Though some of the stories are known to us some are new. I liked the story of the car that liked Vanilla ice-cream.

Through these stories and anecdotes the author tells us the vital aspects of communication. Clarity of thoughts, conviction, sincerity and honesty, listening and comprehension are some of the important aspects of any good communication. Similarly tone, pitch, volume, brevity as well as relevance and timing also affect communication. The author underlines the point that men and women communicate in a different fashion. Similarly age and ego states also affect the communication. The author elaborates the ego states in a very simple language.

The author also provides special guidelines for communication through the digital medium. At the end of the book he summarizes the entire book. If you want to become a better communicator this book will help you.

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