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Friday, 12 August 2016

Destiny of Shattered Dreams - Book Review

Behind every great fortune there is a crime, is the iconic opening line of Mario Puzo’s the Godfather. Unfortunately the line stands true even today and applies to teh corporate world too. Nilesh Rathod’s Destiny of Shattered Dreams depicts the ugly picture of the corporate world. Atul Malhotra starts his career as an employee of a telecom company. Soon he starts his own company. His company becomes one of the topmost companies of the country within fifteen years of its inception. But how? Through black money pumped by the politicians through their Swiss bank agents. Through murders of honest employees. At the cost of Atul’s marriage and equally unsuccessful romantic relationship. Ultimately Atul, the winner of the entrepreneur of the year award lands in jail. Was it worth it? Wasn’t he more happy when he drew mere thirty thousand rupees salary as an employee of the company? Destiny of Shattered dreams tries to answer some of these questions.

The plot draws a huge inspiration from the spectrum scam which shook the country few years ago. It is hard to believe that this is the debut novel of the author for it is exceptionally well written. The writing is incisive and point blank. The author does not waste any ink for unnecessary explanations. He delivers a racy story. Ironically at places this becomes the flaw of the book. On page 160 the protagonist feels things are happening too soon, too fast. I echoed this emotion since the beginning of the book. Things happen so fast in the novel that at times you have difficulty comprehending as to what is happening.

Not just the corporate happenings, but the author also articulates Atul’s relationships very well. Be it with his best friend, wife or girlfriend. The way the dynamics of Atul-Aarti’s relationship change post Atul’s ugly divorce is absolutely brilliant. The author has a good understanding of human emotions.

Unlike what is stated in the book, ED officials do not take statements on Oath. Also the book cover says that a beautiful wooden bookmark worth Rs.125 is inside the book. No one would pay more than Rs.10 for that bookmark.

Yet I pardon the author, for Destiny of Shattered Dreams sets forth a stunning, realistic and fresh story which will entertain you, disturb you and make you ponder over the question how much does a human need to be happy.

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